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Gone are the days when suggestions are written in a piece of paper and dropped into a suggestion box and wait for actions to take place. With the Web 2.0 coming in, the web has developed to a point where nearly anything is possible and giving suggestions or feedback is no exception.


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What is is one such application where users can send suggestions and watch ideas turn into action. It is a simple solution that people can use to let organization know what they want. Any person can simply submit a suggestion for any company.


How can user submit a suggestion?

When one user submits first suggestion on a company, a box gets created even if that company does not have a account setup at Others can start contributing feedback. lets user to  create a profile page their own with categories of drafts, future, coming soon, and implemented suggestions. It lets users to add friends and exchange messages. Individuals sign-up with for free and make suggestions.

How can a company use

A representative from the company can take over management of the box and start responding to comments. Representative of the company can categorize, status label and prioritize feedback in an easy to read inbox.

Here is a snapshot of Xbox 360


Here is how it works for companies.

Listen to your customers. Capture their ideas and suggestions. Show them that you care and want to hear what they have to say.

  • Set up your SuggestionBox to capture feedback
  • Integrate your SuggestionBox into your site with the widget or API
  • Promote your SuggestionBox online and offline

Understand what your customers want. Learn what truly motivates them.

  • Get suggestions directly to your inbox
  • Group and categorize suggestions
  • Identify the top things that your customers really want (based on followers, votes and # of suggestions in groups)
  • Get buy-in internally – Internal Scoreboard

Respond to your customers. Ask questions. Start a conversation. Dig deeper.

  • Private messaging — send messages directly to your suggesters
  • Auto-responders — send an automated response to new followers, suggesters, etc.
  • Status updates — let people know that you are working on their suggestion
  • Comment — share ideas with everyone who reads the suggestion

Build better relationships with your customers. Improve the things they want. Build customers loyalty. Enrich your brand. Create raving fans.

  • Broadcast messages — keep suggesters and followers updated
  • Promote suggestions on their site via API/RSS
  • Open a constant channel of communication
  • Start all over again

Compant_Workflow allows companies to build relationship with each and every customer.


$49.50 monthly fee per suggestion box for one internal user, and $9.95 for each additional user. Yearly plans and nonprofit discounts are available.

A 30 day free trial is available to try.


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