Stop Listening and Start Feeling The Music via High Performance Head Phones

Though artists spend so much time and money in fine-tuning and mixing music to make sure the right kind of music is created for their fans, often fans don’t listen to the original music due to poor quality head phones that are not good at reproducing the original sound. Here is a cool device designed for all those who want to listen to the soundtrack of life with clarity and power. Lady Gaga has teamed up with monster and Dr. Dre and created a high-performance head phone called Heartbeats by Lady Gaga. This head phone is designed so it does not look like no other head phone out there.



  • Multiple Eartips For the Perfect Fit
    To ensure perfect fit and seal, they come with multiple sizes and shapes of ear tips. This gives you max comfort and reduce outside noise.
  • Plush Travel Case
    They come with a plush travel case to keep you heartbeats safe and sound.
  • Exclusive Monster Cable
    To provide accurate signal, they come with an exclusive Monster Cable
  • Flat Cables by Monster: No Tangles
    The exclusive flat cables from Monster are designed for tangle-resistance.





You can take a look and buy here . They are priced around $99.

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  1. I think everybody expects this star to create more succesfull songs.

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