Socialseek – An Easy Way To Stay On Top Of All Social Goodness

Now it’s fun, simple and easy to stay on top of all the social goodness happening online. Press, blogs, tweets, videos, pics, and events on any topic, in your city or anywhere. See what’s making noise – hot topics, stars, favorite team, even your brand – all in real-time and stay in the scene with Socialseek!


Sensidea has rolled out a new very innovative social media monitor that lets you track all the social goodness for free called SocialSeek. With a very good coverage of its launch at Techcrunch, has seen incredible response with a 700+ download on the first day. What a great way to start!!

SocialSeek is a desktop application that runs on Adobe Air. You can search for a topic, item, brand or company across news sites, blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and events. You can also track mentions of a particular search query by city and receive charts that show trends on popularity of a topic across websites, or Twitter.

It’s a boon for the social marketing gurus.


10 Strengths of SocialSeek’s are
1. Seek Blogs, Tweets, Videos, Images, and Events!
2. Add any site you want to track, no problem!
3. Real-time automatic updates and notifications!
4. Track all the chatter by city or anywhere
5. Find something interesting? One click away! So simple but so powerful…
6. Compare topics to see what’s making more noise
7. Quick charts to see trends and track what’s hot
8. Export results to CSV & PDF
9. Brands! Track yourself against the competition!
10. Windows & Mac Compatible!

Competitors to Socialseek include Viralheat and Peoplebrowsr, which both help marketers track the buzz around a certain individual or brand on social media sites and web sites.

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