Send and Receive large files over Internet easily!

TransferBigFiles is probably the easiest way to share a bunch of files with friends, family or everybody in the world. There’s no registration required to use the website. You can just go to the home page and start uploading some files. But to make the process even easier, they have created a Windows System Tray tool that allows users to drag-and-drop files to the site. Files can be as large as 1GB and will be on their storage space for upto 5 days. Within that time, your recipient should download the file or else may not get it!


TransferBigFiles uses a combination of in-house servers and Amazon’s S3 service for storage services to store your files. By leveraging Amazon’s S3, TransferBigFiles has virtually an endless amount of storage space.


As of now, TransferBigFiles is free and funded by Axosoft LLC and in future TransferBigFiles is hoping to get revenue from advertisements and sponsorships. We really hope that it remains free.

There is an interesting story on how TransferBigFiles was designed. Here is a Whiteboard design of TransferBigFiles;


There are some good alternatives to TransferBigFiles and some of them are listed here:



FileMail lets you transfer upto 2GB file for free without any registration! However, for commercial purposes, you need buy a suitable plan.


image is a free filehost, a place for you to upload your files (big or small) so you can link to them from your website, facebook, myspace.. or simply send the download link by email. Recipients are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. Files are removed from the system after 30 days non activity, regardless if they have been downloaded or not.



FileApartment lets send files up to 1GB in size. No registration is needed.


Do let us know if you have anything better?

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    I always enjoy learning what other people think about Amazon Web Services and how they use them. If you want to backup to Amazon S3 directly check out CloudBerry Backup. (Windows only)

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