Rigs of Rods – An Open Source 3D Truck, Car, Airplane and Boat Simulator Game

Do you like driving? Then you must try your hands on this games. If you don’t like driving, never mind. Try Rigs of Rods and you will start liking it.


Rigs of Rods (also known as RoR), is an free open source truck, car, airplane and boat simulator game. You can drive, fly or crawl in total freedom in an open environment. What makes RoR different to most simulators is its unique soft-body physics: vehicles chassis and wheels are simulated in real-time as flexible objects, giving the simulation an extremely accurate behavior, while allowing the vehicles to be simply specified by their structural composition, as a network of interconnected nodes (forming the chassis and the wheels). In addition to its unique soft-body physics, RoR also features an advanced flight model based on blade element theory, allowing the accurate simulation of any airplane, base on their physical dimensions and wing airfoils. Crashing into walls or terrain can permanently deform a vehicle in a realistic manner.. It also features an accurate buoyancy model based on elemental pressure gradients, enabling boats with complex hulls to move realistically in the swell.

Here are some of the screenshots.


Light Vehicle.


Heavy Machinery.


Air vehicles.



Load Lifters

Here is a video.


Its source code is licensed under GPLv3 and you can download it here. The software is compatible on Windows and its source code is OS portable

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  1. I think one of the toughest things for me is getting too caught up in reps and sets. Lets say I plan on doing 4 sets of 12 reps sometimes I make it so I have to hit those exactly when maybe 3 sets was enough and on my last set I only got 10 reps but I quickly lower the weight and bust out 2 more reps.

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    how do you download it

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