Probably These Are The Most Beautiful Faces In The World Generated Using Computer Graphics

While the digital art of creating cars with CG is amazing, the art of creating beautiful digital face is even more amazing as it involves presentation of expression and feeling like a true digital artist. The beautiful pair of eyes and next the eyebrows and so on, play an important role in defining the inner feeling of the digital art portrait. And you bet it is not an easy task to do digital arts using Computer Graphics. I’m sure you would tend to agree if you take a look at these most beautiful digital art/faces rendered using computer graphics that look as real as you are seeing a photograph. Here are 25 such beautiful digital CG faces (probably the most beautiful digital faces) collected from various sources over the internet that are beautifully rendered using computer graphics and software such as Autodesk’s Maya, 3Ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush etc. Credit goes to all the digital artists behind each of those creations.



Image Source :

1. Classical Girl


Created by wangshiyong using Maya and mental ray

2. Ella


Created by zman4d using 3ds max, mental ray and Photoshop

3. Pink Assassin


Created by John Strieder using CINEMA 4D, FRYrender and ZBrush

4. Young Girl


Created by vikiyeo using 3ds max, Photoshop and

5. Bernadette


Created by Stephen David Molyneaux using 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop and  ZBrush

6. Ingrid Bergman


 Created by Max Wahyudi using After Effects, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, XSI and ZBrush

7. ColdBlue


Created by livier Ponsonnet using 3dsmax, MentalRay and Photoshop

8. Kathryn


Created by Richard Turic using 3ds max, Photoshop and ZBrush

9. Grace of the snow

Grace of the snow

Created by Soa Lee using 3ds max, Brazil r/s

10. Flower Messenger

Flower Messenger

Created by Jack Zhang using Photoshop and XS

11. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo

Created by Max Edwin Wahyudi using 3ds max and ZBrush

12. Europa


Created by Soa Lee using 3ds max and Photoshop

13. Jennifer


Created by Rami Shtainer using Maya and mental ray

14. Hue


Created by Kim Hyong Jun using 3ds max, Brazil r/s, HDR Shop and Photoshop

15. Character Inaë


Created by Olivier Ponsonnet using 3ds max

16. Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar

Created by Olivier Ponsonnet using 3ds max

17. Beauty Monica

Beauty Monica

Created by Mihai Anghelescu using 3ds max, Photoshop and VRay

18. Jenny


Created by Ark Game using LightWave 3D and Photoshop

19. Fantasy3D


Created by Anatoliy Meymuhin using 3DS Max 4, DeepPaint3D and ShagHair

20. Jade


Created by Olivier Ponsonne using Adobe Studio

21. Sandra


Created by Misu using 3ds max, Photoshop and VRay

22. Young Princess Painting


Created by Antropus using Zbrush

23. Electra


Created by fdjohan using Photoshop and Painter

24. The Girl


Created by MartinLuter using Adobe Photoshop

25. We regret to inform you


Created by hawk using Painter

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  1. andrew says:

    See – no; only 17 as anything close to beautiful. And then follow up – number 18. Speechless.

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