Opera Unite – Unbelievably cool way of sharing your computer with the world!

Well, we all have heard of Cloud Computing, Elastic Computing and the things like that which help us collaborate and share things easily with others on the web. But, this is something will radically change the way common people (we mean, people with non technical background) share files, they can easily host their own PC on the web with this browser based web server. This is so easy and convenient, it is as simple as installing Opera Unite on your PC or Mac (Opera Unite can work on Windows, Linux as well as Mac OS) and select what services you choose from! With just about few clicks, you will be able to successfully share files, photos, media etc from your own computer!


Opera Unite – A web server on the Web browser! supports a lot of features;

  • File sharing – Simple way to share you files directly from your PC – No need to upload files to any stranger’s Server!
  • Photo sharing – Simple way to share photos with your friends
  • Fridge – A fun way for others to leave (stickies) notes on your computer!
  • Media Player – Access your media collection from anywhere in the world!
  • Lounge – Invite your friends to chat in your exclusive lounge!
  • Web server – Host your websites from your own computer!

Also, Opera Unite, gives powerful APIs to add and provide interesting services other than the preinstalled ones. Man, this will be a phenomenon. You may argue that this is nothing but Web server + P2P network or No security or backup. If your PC crashes, your hosted files also go away! You need to get your own backup done!


Visit Opera Unite for more.

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