Open Source alternative to Google Analytics


Google Analytics is one of the best web analytics software that is freely available from Google. It offers finest of the tools to monitor the traffic coming to your blog or website. However, if you are looking out for an open-source alternative to Google Analytics, then you came to the right place!


Piwik is Open Source, downloadable web analytics software that can give you comprehensive statistics on your website visitors just like Google Analytics. It can provide detailed statistics on users location, popular posts, search engine queries etc.


Piwik is a downloadable PHP, MySQL software that needs to be FTPed to your website. Installation is quite simple and they have a detailed instructions on how to install. Like Google Analytics, a Java Script tag also will be given during the installation process or you could use existing plug-in to make the life easier.



So, why do I need to have Piwik you may ask, here is why;

  • Piwik is Open Source, that is, you can add your own features if you can :-)
  • Piwik is downloadable, that is, You own your data. Piwik collects and stores the statistics locally on your website.
  • Customizable User Interface with drag and drop widget support.

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  1. Interesting, but in the era of free Analytics API like Google Analytics ones, do you think the downloadable solutions like Piwik could really have a large success?

  2. OpenTube says:

    Yes, Piwik could attract a large audience but may not be able to compete with Google Analytics. However, Piwik is for those who want raw data on their server and flexibility. So, the data is with you and you don’t have to rely on online service. Yeah, it has disadvantages as well, it is not as easy as Analytics, requires server bandwidth etc.

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