MyScreen – A revolutionary way to advertise targeting specific audience segments

MyScreen may change the way Advertisements are delivered to mobile users.

MyScreen is a mobile solution that delivers targeted advertisements to registered users on their hand sets at the end of the call. The registration is free and the user needs to provide some basic information on their interests that is used by the advertisers to target specific audience segments with brand messages. The users in turn earn reward points for viewing those ad messages.

Currently MyScreen is optimized for Smart phones that are powered by Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm and RIM. MyScreen provides the ultimate customer experience on Smart Phones using the device functionalities. However, MyScreen supports non-smart phone users as well. Non-Smart phone users as well will receive compensation for viewing the ads on the handset but the ads will not be displayed at the end of the call.

To choose the MyScreen experience, one needs simply needs to fill the mobile number, fill in the details related to the hand set, enter the personal contact information and select the lifestyle category that you are interested in. ( this an be modified later ). After the registration you will receive an SMS asking you to download the application on the handset, if your handset is a smart phone. The application will allow the relavent advertisement to be delivered to your phone in a transparent, non-intrusive manner.

All the ads will be displayed at the end of each call in a visually rich format utilizing the full screen. Ads will contain hot keys that will enable you to either visit the advertiser’s web site or call the advertiser’s hot-line to listen to their advertisements. You will earn reward points upon viewing the advertisement. The reward points can be redeemed with your mobile operator

If you do not have a smart phone, you will still receive advertisements as and when they are available and you will earn points as and when you view the advertisements. No application is needed to be downloaded.

Based in Toronto, Canada, MyScreen has revolutionized the way advertisers communicate with consumers. MyScreen is a patent-pending innovative marketing and advertising solution within the mobile communication industry, which has established both a permission and incentive-based marketing model that allows mobile subscribers to be compensated for allowing targeted rich-full screen, contextual advertisements to appear on their mobile device at the end of a call.

MyScreen will be at GSMA World Congress- Barcelona- February 16th-19th ,2009. Last week MyScreen Mobile, announced that they will unveil the MyScreen mobile advertising solution on Android to mobile operators and industry insiders at GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain beginning on February 16th-19th 2009. MyScreen will display their recently completed Android version along with their existing device platforms; RIM Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Palm OS.


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  4. Mobile advertising would continue to grow as more and more mobile phone users get hooked on texting and mobile browsing.;.~

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