Moontoast building human market place?


The Nashville, TN based Moontoast is trying to create a market place for human knowledge. Idea is very simple, It is an online office for teachers. If you are looking for an answer, you get it on Moontoast for a fair price. If you know something, you could share that on Moontoast with a needy for a fair price.

Essentially, Moontoast will allow the world to search an expert of any kind and then establish a live, face to face voice conversation with the expert for a pre-determined price using Moontoast’s unique video player.

This will revolutionize the way knowledge seekers can get what they want and how one could easily share knowledge. Moontoast is mostly driven by experts, who have a Moontoast profile, with their expertise and talents disclosed. They also would have preferred timings and a determined price for every minute that they spend sharing their knowledge. These information will be available to the Knowledge Seekers. Moonlight earns by taking a small percentage from the money that an expert earns which helps them run the show.

So the expert teachers can make a handful money just by having video/chat sessions with the knowledge seeker at their convenience. Accepting a new student request, rescheduling etc are supported and easy to use.

Moon toast site

Moontoast also has a handful explorers who keep on scanning the entire list of expert profiles. They pick best of experts and feature them on the Moontoast home page.

Overall, Moontoast is a very nice concept and has great potential to grow.

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  1. Great post I really enjoyed it and will be coming back shortly and linking back to your site from mine.

  2. Just thought i would comment and say neat theme, did you code it yourself? Looks great.

  3. Online education is quite good too, it all depends on the student and the program.~,:

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