Migrating To Open Source – Must Have Open Source Tutorials For Beginners

Open Source software movement has come a long way. Now, more and more people are embracing open source software because most of them do not require any money for usage even at commercial places. Some of the greatest open source software applications are; Linux the king of open source OS, Firefox Web Browser, GIMP a capable Photo Editor, Blender the 3D graphics application, OpenOffice the free Office Suit like MS Office, Asterisk an Open Source telephony platform etc.


Many beginners are seriously looking at learning these applications to breakaway from proprietary software. However, many such people feel the lack of guide and documentation to effectively learn the features and exploit the Open Source offerings.  Here is a round up of online Open Source documentation.

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  1. Paul Scott says:

    Great article. I agree whole-heartedly. As one that has had to create how-to manuals for complex integrations, the ability to use Flash and other technologies to walk the user through set-up especially. Learning the tools themselves isn’t so bad, but often applications fail to gain popularity because the set-up procedures are poorly documented.

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