Looking For Job? Receive Job Alerts While You Stay Anonymous

HireFlyer.com is unique online job distribution site that uses the Web 2.0 technology in delivering jobs to passive and active job seekers in real time via email, text message and Facebook notifications.


What is different in HireFlyer.com is that job seekers are guaranteed to remain completely anonymous because HireFlyer does not collect any personal identifying data or require a user to upload, build or store a resume on the site. Instead, seekers create what is called a Job Search Agents that will help them receive notifications only when a job matching their profile is posted. This process eliminates unwanted solicitations and provides the seeker with only relevant job postings.

As a job poster one can post job openings quickly with minimal effort. Once you click “submit”, the job is positioned on the HireFlyer.com job posting website and then it’s delivered, via email and or text messaging, to active and passive job seekers whose profiles match the job.

HireFlyer.com is the top job search website solution providing employers with an affordable, easy to use and effective job posting site. It offers job seekers a discreet, easy to use service for free. HireFlyer.com is the best job posting website for savvy employers who want a competitive advantage over other job posting websites. Read more here


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