Linux Terminal On Android Phone – Linux Like Command line Consoles For Android


The Linux Based Android provides some of the most interesting applications for geeks. Ever wanted to run the Linux Terminal on your Android Phone? Yeah, it is possible to do that. Couple of Applications are there on Android Market. Just search for “Terminal” from Android Market place and you will get them. Out of all, Better Terminal is really cool. Applications like Better Terminal that are available on Android Market place can really work like Linux Terminal. You can execute most of the standard Linux commands, run Top command and see the threads running etc. Do try them and tell us your opinion.

Recommended Reading:

Better Terminal – Check out the Linux Potentials of Android Phones. This one works on Android V1.5 onwards.


pTerminal – Brings up a light version of Linux Terminal.


Terminal Emulator – App written by Google.

Command Executer – Simple App that allows you to exec commands as user or Super User.

Do you have your favorite and not listed here? Please let us know. We will check them out and feature here.

Via [AndroLib]

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  2. shane says:

    I think that the best so far for me would be the terminal as a sub-app in “android hacker’s system tools”. I have a few commands for it, so far it has recognised them all. It only took an hour too find TEN terminal commands…ANNOYING!!!

  3. amp says:

    Many phones do not come with these commands built in, I had to root my phone and install busybox before I could use ‘mv’ ‘cp’ or ‘cat’.

    • sareuon says:

      How to change user to root? I have try “su root” it is not working. I want to use command cp source distination.

  4. Koowie says:

    This very cool! I’m going to play with this now.

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