Karmic Koala – Ubuntu 9.10 The Fastest Booting Release So Far?

Ubuntu 9.10 (code named Karmic Koala) is in its final Alpha 6 and will be in Beta soon. Lots of improvements especially much much faster boot performance. Tests show that the Ubuntu 9.10 can boot in few seconds and on SSD based storage, booting time drastically comes down to like 5 seconds. That is just amazing. Here is the boot chart and XORG comes up in just 2 seconds. Courtesy – Canonical External Developer Relations Coordinator, Jorge Castro.image

Canonical, the sponsors of Ubuntu, has been targeting a boot time of about 10 seconds in their 10.04 Release which is expected to come out sometime in 2010 and it looks doable considering the boot performance improvements in release 9.10 Alpha 6.

This is just good news for Ubuntu lovers and in 9.10 there are other things which are improved. Ubuntu 9.10 is the first to use GRUB2 and Ext4 by default. It also replaces HAL (Hardware Abstraction layer) with DeviceKit. Pidgin has been replaced in favor of Empathy, Ubuntu One Cloud Client is also included by default and much more.

Download Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 and try for yourself. By late October or early November, 9.10 is expected to come out of Beta.

Good Luck Ubuntu Team! We’re waiting…

via arstechnica

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