Is Web 2.0 Game Over?

Well, Who does not remember the famous Original Web 2.0 company logo cloud featuring a lot of interesting companies with interesting services.


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So, what happened to these companies after like 3-4 years? Here is an interesting story by Meg Pickard. She has compiled an updated collage where dead companies are marked with red X mark and successfully bought over companies as green circles. These companies were tracked via websites like TechCrunch, if the official website is dead so is the company :-)

Here it is; the updated Web 2.0 Logo chart for Year 2009 (yeah there are many but these are major)


There are too many red X marks right? So, Are you thinking that Web 2.0 era is soon going to be gone? Well, We do not think so. If you see, the red marks VS green circles, the success rate seems to be quite high! Also, failure rate will always be higher than the successful ones.

Now, It would be interesting how the Web 2.0 trend slowly transforms into Web 3.0. Well, No one quite understands how a real Web 3.0 service would look like but lot of speculations are already on. Let us wait and see how things shape.

A big thanks to Meg Pickard for her effort in tracking these companies!

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