iPhone’s “Priceless Picks”

When we read about this application what struck us first was the “Priceless” caption used in the master card advertisement. It’s a pretty old Ad but it still lingers in our mind. Expanding their “Priceless” campaign, Mastercard has released their new iPhone and iPod Touch application called the “Priceless Picks”.


As the application market is gaining momentum, this new iPhone application is unique in its own way. It’s not just another mobile advertisement. Instead this is a social application that allows consumers to find their best deals at location of their choice.

Does it still sound useless!! It helps you share your favorite places and amazing deals with the world, and it can also show you all the great things around you that other people have tagged as priceless, on a highly interactive and customized map. The perfect bench to catch a sunset, the best pizza on earth, a secret spot to watch the world go by – Find all these priceless moments with the “Priceless Picks” application.

Priceless Picks pairs GPS and 3D maps to show you local deals, dining, and other points of interest in your immediate vicinity. Browse around the map in quasi-street view or bird’s-eye view, identifying locations as the color-coordinated bubble pops up. Red for dining, blue for shopping, orange for “Priceless” items, and so on.




The business model

Local vendors will post constantly updating new deals in the few words contained within each bubble. Common people can also add posts about the public parks, scenic point etc. When the user taps the bubble you see options to e-mail the selection to a friend, flag as improper, or explore more details. The last instructs you to call the merchant to verify a deal or pinch and zoom to work out the vendor’s exact street location.

That’s another useful application from iPhone!!

Priceless app is really price less. Download it for free at the App Store.


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