How To Setup Your Own Distributed Workplace And Work On Your Dream Product?

There are many young techies out there with some of the greatest ideas and most of them are reluctant to leave their jobs and get their hands dirty with their dream product/idea. If imageyou quit your day job then its like losing your monthly income, insurance coverage and what not. Convincing your spouse is not easy too. So how do we go on setting up our own distributed work force and get your work down at the same time by doing your day job? Well, Web 2.0 has given rise to this amazing community concept. There is literally a community for almost anything. So why not for those who are looking out for part time or full time work online. They may be spread across the world but with the web conferencing tools, it is not very difficult to have daily sync-up meetings from your comfort of home or where ever it is comfortable. So, where to look for professionals for your virtual office? You could probably look at the following few options. These services are not really free but mostly they are good and will protect you from any misbehavior from either job seeker or employer.


A Job search engine for Twitter! Isn’t that cool? You don’t have to follow too many trends like #jobs etc. The Search engine gets the formatted results from Twitter and you have a wide range of categories to choose from. Though a simple idea, it makes a lot of sense if you know whom you are searching for! Check out here.



Elance has been around for many years now, one of the best place for finding Open Source enthusiasts to power your idea! Check out here.



Findatechjobis a metasearch job engine that searches multiple career sites with a focus on computer jobs, internet jobs and networking jobs. Freelance jobs are also included in our search for those searching for contract work. Read here.


Post your requirements, find the right professionals and work as if you are all part of small office! So exciting for anyone who is eager to work on their project! Check out oDesk.



Need custom software? Receive bids from our pool of 290,694 registered workers.! RentACoder too can get you the people you are looking for! Check out RentACoder.


Have you tried searching for people? There are so many ways for payment options…you can pay hourly or fixed price. Get the update and progress on a regular basis. Software development will fun if used properly. Have you used such service? If so, please comment!

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