How to recover accidentally deleted files on Windows for free?


Have you accidentally deleted important document file or family picture or that old video of your? Are you regretting it? Well, don’t be sorry, there are very capable data recovery tools out there who could just bring that deleted file for you instantly! imageRecovering deleted files is just as easy as deleting the file :) There is a freeware utility called Recuva (pronounced as Recover!) and it does the data recovery possible. It is absolutely free but you could very well donate a couple of bucks if it really helps you.

Here is a step by step guide on how to locate the deleted file and recover it. Recuva is very intuitive as a software tool and here is the screenshots with explanation.

Step 1:

When you run the Recuva.exe, you get the following wizard. Click Next when you are ready.


Step 2:

Decide what type of file are you trying to recover.


Step 3:

Select from where you want to recover the files from and hit next.


Step 4:

Recuva now scans through the files locating those dead ones and it shows a pretty accurate progress bar.


Step 5:

Select the file that you are looking for and click on Recover. Most of the time, Recuva finds the file that was deleted but if you deleted too many files or very large files frequently, then there could be a chance that Windows would have reused that space to store another deleted file and so on. In other words, old deleted files tend to get corrupted. That’s it, your deleted files should be back now! Isn’t that easy?


You could even read the file header information in the advanced option.


So, there is a very easy way to undelete or recover deleted files. So, what software do you use to undelete lost files? Do comment…

Download Recuva here.

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