How To Get Windows 7 For Cheap or Even Free?

Well, the new Microsoft Windows 7 is anyway around the corner and lots of improvements are promised by Microsoft. If you are planning to go for Windows 7 then wait, you can get serious discounts in several ways or even you may get it for free :) Here is some ways to get that serious discount! image

  1. Firstly, it is highly recommended that you follow their Twitter updates that announces such kind of programs where you get to know Microsoft Offers! Follow them @MSWindows.
  2. If you are a Windows Developer or Products Testing company, then it is most likely that you may have MSDN or MS TechNet subscriptions in place. If so, then what are you waiting for? You get most of the new MS releases for free (Note that these are Developer versions and only for testing purposes) and try them in your office. Yeah, if you use your office laptops then hell, yeah you can use for your regular usage
  3. 90 days Windows 7 Enterprise Trial Edition – Well, MS offers this as a way to test your apps if they run good on Windows 7 before you buy. Get it here
  4. Students can get Windows 7 for real cheap. If you are part of Microsoft Academic Alliance (Microsoft AA) then you could get Windows products for very less. Access Microsoft AA and learn more.
  5. If you are not part of Microsoft AA then, don’t be sad, here is another way for Students to get a massive discount on Windows 7. Enter this Microsoft Special Promo of Windows 7 for Students. You can get Windows 7 Pro under 30$!
  6. Attend MS Conference and get Windows 7 for Free with you! Check here. Free entry registration.
  7. Well, all the above ways may not be as easy as getting a Windows 7 Family Pack! Apple Mac OS had this a while ago and now as usual Windows 7 team followed them. A Family pack of Windows 7 can save more than 70$ per copy. For about 150$, you can load Windows 7 on 3 of your computers! That’s a cool one.

Well, so many ways to get Windows 7 discount or entirely free. But, still you yawn and say what’s in a Windows 7? :) Well get over to Ubuntu like we did… he he, no need to buy family pack, no seminar, you dont need to be a student but all you need to be is human!

via downloadsquad + our Ubuntu suggestions :)

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