How to find better information faster while searching web?

Well, No doubt, web search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Live Search etc have made our life simpler while searching for information on the internet. But, since internet has billions of web pages, often our search results too will be in thousands if not in millions and getting the right information through these large result is no quick task. We keep opening search results in multiple browser tabs looking for information, only to find them irrelevant sometimes. So Usually, people never go beyond 5 or 6 pages of search results.

Now, we seem to be getting smart browser add-in’s that are able to search within links and providing a summary of what that page is really about without having to click on them.


ChunkIt, a Freeware Add-In for Internet Explorer and Firefox is able to do generate such chunks of web data in a two panel window as shown in the below screenshot. It is developed by TigerLogic.


ChunkIt claims to do the following;

  1. Find  chunks of valuable information hidden behind the links of any Web page (not only Search Engines!)
  2. Save chunks for later reference and access them from any computer
  3. Share chunks and folders to collaborate with friends and colleagues

ChunkIt can be easily be integrated with various search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Live Search, AOL search and Ask.


So what are you waiting for? Go ChunkIt :-)

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