How To Create Scrapbooks Easily? – My Memories Suite, Can Easily Turn Photos In To Digital Scrapbook!

We had featured an article on fake magazine covers and how could they be used for fun. We had also featured Easy Logo/Banner Creators, 25 Photo Album software’s that are like ACDSee In this post, we will feature a easy software tool to create Photo Book (generally called Scrapbook). It is not free but it is a whole lot of fun and value for money. It is easy and comes with support. You can find such open source software but may not be for not so tech savvy people. Here is our first look on Polaroid’s My Memory Suite for creating Scrapbooks.

Well, What is Scrapbooking? It is nothing but preserving your memories in a unique and a creative way. Memories can be in the form of Photos or Videos. Important thing here is how you put your memories. imageThere needs to be a presentable form or template. For example, you want to send your baby photos to your friends. How do you do it? You could just send photos via E-Mail, yes, its really simple. But, it may not give you that personal touch! Second option is to take print outs of your photos, stack them up in a envelope and send it via snail mail. It is slightly better. But, If you did a nice scrap book (like the one shown below!) with your digital photos, with unique text, artwork etc, it would impress your friends or relatives. They would love it. So that’s what Scrapbook is all about. 

But, How difficult is that? Is it really that hard to create such personal scrapbooks? not at all! It is a matter of minutes. All you need to do is just select some of the best photo moments (or even videos) and use Polaroid’s My Memory Suite. It is a pretty nice tool that just takes your photo collection and creates scrapbooks fast!

  • Time for Scrapbooking – Who has time to fiddle with themes and photos? Life is busy and no time to learn to do something new? Well, My Memories Suite will make it extremely simple. It is so simple that even kids can create scrapbooks under a minute in fast mode.
  • Speed – Speedy software, quick red eye removal, creating pages in seconds, ultra cool themes.
  • No Mess – Imagine doing scrapbooks manually, at the end, cleanup becomes a major mess. It might put you off and may not do it again. My Memories Suite will automate these without any mess.image
  • Easy to use – no training needed and very simple to use. Any person with a basic understanding of computers is sufficient.
  • Save money – Create scrapbook and print on your printer and save money!
  • Multimedia – Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words and serves as the focal point of a great scrapbook page.  Sometimes a picture is just a picture.  My Memories Suite helps you keep and share "all" the memories that are important to you.  Why not keep the pictures and journaling of your kids birthday party together with the video you captured of her blowing out the candles on the birthday cake. With My Memories Suite you place in the video to help you remember the sounds of her voice and if she got all the candles with the first blow.  Think of it – all your pictures and video stored beautifully together in one convenient place.  Now how valuable is that scrapbook page?  How valuable will it be digitally preserved 20-years from now?
  • More fun… – My Memories Suite makes scrapbooking easier by allowing you to get creative immediately without all the setup and cleanup.  Not only are the barriers to getting started removed, but obstacles to creativity are as well.  My Memories Suite allows you to swap papers and embellishments with ease.  Type in journaling in whichever fonts you have on your computer.  Add and remove pages easily, change graphics, color schemes, and even the shape and orientation of your scrapbook with the click of a button.  Creativity, sharing, and fun all have a front row seat with My Memories Suite.  Where are you sitting?  Join the fun and go digital today by purchasing My Memories Suite.
  • Lots of Themes and Templates for less money!

So, If you are looking for a no nonsense and easy way of creating Photo Albums, DVDs, Scrapbooks then Polaroid’s My Memory Suite is ideal. It is a great value for money. Here you can buy it with this special sale link below. You get 25% discount on it! A limited time offer!

Polaroid’s My Memories Suite Photo Album

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  5. Interesting blog you have here. I was able to find your blog through Google search engine. I was in the look of something similar.. I hope you`ll keep updating your blog.

  6. Scrapbooking was one of my hobbies when i was in high school and college. it was quite fun.;~:

  7. Camille Tan says:

    Yeah scrapbooking is really fun. It boosts your creativity level =) and you do scrapbookings to save memories from someone special.

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