How to Broadcast Yourself easily using P2P Streaming?

While there are many ways to broadcast yourself, here is something promising for bandwidth conscious broadcasters who wants to distribute their live videos.

GoalBit is a open source P2P streaming, released by a group of Uruguay-based P2P researchers is a video streaming platform capable of distributing high-bandwidth live video content to everyone preserving its quality. With GoalBit, you can live broadcast yourself or you can play and record video streams on the network. It’s a free software released under the GNU General Public License.


Live Broadcast Yourself is the main functionality which provides the user the capability of creating its own video stream. The user can control several aspects of such transmission, such as the content being transmitted, its quality and encoding, the publication method used and the capability of encrypting it. When this functionality is working the peer is referred to as a Goalbit Broadcaster peer, with every Goalbit Player working as a client being able to join the generated video stream.

GoalBit Player is available for Windows and Linux.

Here is the step by step procedure how to broadcast yourself.

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    i always watch streaming videos online, they are sort of my past time.,;.

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