Gladinet – Mounts Cloud Storage as Virtual Local Drive

There are quite a lot of services that offer online cloud storage like Microsoft’s Windows Live Skydrive, ADrive (Free Version) etc. Here we can store our data via web browsers. But nothing compares to locally available interface to such web based cloud storage. Gladinet does just that for you.



Gladinet is one of the amazing services that can mount popular cloud storage services like Windows Live Skydrive, Google Picasa, ADrive etc as local virtual drives that can just be treated as normal Microsoft Windows network folders.


Using Gladinet mounted virtual drives, you can easily backup critical and confidential data from your PC and store them on reliable cloud storage. Just imagine the advantages, say if you consider Windows Live Skydrive that offers FREE 25 GB of Cloud Storage, You can easily store your family pictures, documents etc. These backups will come in handy while you are travelling as you could access them from anywhere.


You can even try ADrive that offers FREE 50 GB of Cloud Storage.

Accessing your cloud storage has never been so easy! Also, If you use the Comodo Backup,

You can schedule and automate the local folder synchronization with the remote cloud storage services. 

Please read the wonderful post by Andreas J, here. He has done the real good job in finding the utilities that can automate backup of your data on the cloud storage.

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