Free Open Source Mobile Application Management to Distribute your Apps Securely

One of the key requirement to enterprise in distributing its mobile application is an internal app store through which enterprise users can download the apps and keep them up to date. While there are apple’s Enterprise App Store or one could use Google Play to make the apps available to there employees via regular channel, most enterprises don’t feel comfortable with this approach and they look for a simply hosted internal app store through which they can distribute their applications. While there are a number of commercially available Mobile Application Management solution available like App Central, Partnerpedia, Apperian, RhoGallery etc. they all come with a fee structure that a small and medium enterprise may not be willing to invest right away. So for those enterprise which are at an early stage in investing into a mobility infrastructure landscape, there is a need for a cost free solution that provides ability to authenticate, secure, deploy, and manage apps for their employees. Open Source solution is one of the ways where enterprises can try our distribution before they start investing into various mobile infrastructure components like MEAP, MAM and MDM.

One such MAM is Knappsack that gives technology managers a secure way to deploy apps within their own organization.

Mobile app distribution

Knappsack is a open source mobile app distribution software ( Mobile Application Management software ) that allows companies to securely deploy app within their organization. One can install knappsack internally and manager all the enterprise apps of the company for free. For developers, it gives a platform to deploy apps to their clients, distribute securely to their clients and customize the platform according to the need.

If you are a developer, don’t forget to contribute back to knappsack.

Download here from GitHub and use it for free!

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