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We had featured 9 Free Data Backup and Recovery Software Apps earlier. Here is another FREE one, EASEUS TODO Backup. We tried it on one of our old IBM Thinkpad Laptop running on Windows XP Pro. We just loved it and it was so simple that any non technical person can easily do it. What does EASEUS TODO Backup do? EASEUS Todo Backup is a capable and FREE backup software providing system mediumbackup & restore, hard disk or partition backup & restore, disk clone to protect your Windows system and disk. It can back up the whole PC, including the operating system plus your data, applications, settings and everything! What else you need if your disk is fried? There is one more use of it, very important one. Say you have an older PC with lesser Disk space like 80GB or something. If you are worried that migrating to a larger capacity disk is a problem, then think again. It is so simple with EASEUS TODO Backup! Just take a complete PC Backup, and restore it on the newer Disk. No need to install the OS again, drivers everything will be just fine. This is really a cool thing we liked in it. 

Anyways, here are the features and all that you can do with it.

  1. Backup the entire system partition, including the system state and all files to an image file. Easy to store and restore.
  2. Backup the whole disk including the operating system and all data to an image file. Easy to restore or migrate to other disks.
  3. All the previous backed up disk and system image can be restored within minutes.
  4. Clone disk to another one with fast file-by-file clone method. This helpful to upgrade your Disk.
  5. Backup Image can be split in to different size based on whether you want to store it on CD or DVD etc.
  6. Create a bootable CD/DVD and restore when there is a boot failure.
  7. Allows you to compress the image file.
  8. and much more.

EASEUS TODO Backup has a very nice and simple User Interface


Backup Wizard


Restore Wizard


All the operations are very easy and EASEUS TODO Backup has a very detailed step by step guide on how to use it effectively. Read here for more. EASEUS Todo Backup works on Windows 2000 Professional/XP/Vista and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 and can create bootable CD.

Download EASEUS TODO Backup here.

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