4 Popular Online Services for Photographers to Make Money Easily

In our earlier post was had covered some Impressive Photoshop Tutorials. While most of them click photos as their pastime, there are services where you could make money by selling your photos by just few clicks. These sites have pictures with professional quality and are quite popular where buyers visit quite often.


In this post we have covered the top online services where you could sell your photo by just uploading. While the services take care of printing the photos and shipping to the buyers, they charge a marginal fee from the price tag on the photo.

Here is a list of four services where you can sell your photos.

1. photo4me.com

Photo4me is an online gallery that currently has over 3000+ photographers selling 10K+ photos as posters. You can register here and put your photos for sale by just uploading it into the different categories provided.You photo will be sold with many finishes like Posters, Canvas wraps, or with acrylic modern styles. They are made available in all sizes and also services large amount of prints.

2. ShutterPoint

You can become a member on ShutterPoint.com and start selling stock images in just 3 steps: Open an account, upload the images and start earning. ShutterPoint boasts of providing the highest payout rate on the internet while selling your photos.

3. PhotographersDirect

Photographers Direct is a photographic portal to help picture buyers and researchers find suitable. The photographers receive 80% of the sale price of their images (through an agency they normally receive 50%, through sub-agencies they may receive as little as 8% of the sale price!).

4. Fotomoto

Fotomoto enables photographers to sell photos on their own website without sending their customers elsewhere. If you are a photographer or you operate a website with a big photo inventory, Fotomoto helps you monetize your photos and sell them in a professional way — on your own website. You will sell without any hassle. Fotomoto takes care of everything: processing orders right on your website, processing payments, making print (or other products based on your photo), and shipping it to the customers on your behalf.

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