Enhanced Vi Editor, The Best Word Processor – Cream

Vi Editor has been around for decades and a handy text editor for Linux geeks. But, it has lots of features that aren’t easy to use. It takes time to master them. If you want to use the goodies of Vi editor but with a good interface, then probably you could check out Cream.

Cream is a sophisticated or probably better shaped version of Vi. It is based on the usual Vi but with easy to use interface. It will help you whether you are writing an email or developing software. It runs on Windows too. Other than the usual Vi features, it has tabbed window interface.

Tabbed Windows Support With Syntax Coloring



Intuitive Toggle Status Bar



Side by Side Files Comparison



There are so many advanced features that Cream supports, it will give an edge to developers.

Here is the complete list of features Cream supports.

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