Eight Mobile Internet Services that have created an Asset-Light generation

Mary Meeker in her 2012 Internet Trends Report has described how the mobile internet world has brought a major change in what is now called the Asset-Light generation. An asset heavy lifestyle consumes a lot of space time and money. The mobile internet has brought in a change to lifestyle by freeing space, time and money and provide a asset light lifestyle. Times have changes to allow consumers to access services via technology rather than focus on possession of physical asset. Here in this post we cover 10 such services that have brought in a asset light lifestyle leaving behind the heavy physical asset and enjoy a much advanced service.

1. iTunes , Pandora, Spotify, Last.fm, Grooveshark creates ab asset light generation for Music

Gone are the days when we used to buy Tapes, CDs and Records and stock it in the shelf, have a dedicated player to play the favorite music. Services like iTunes, Pandora, Spotify etc have created a asset light generation for music. Pay for access and it lets you instant on-demand of streaming on internet enabled devices. This let you to discover new music through friends and experts.

2. YouTube, Netflix, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc creates an asset light generation for videos

Eye Sore Cinema Video Store Day

Not too long ago we used to purchase those DVD and BluRay discs of our favorite movies and stack in on a rack. or you would walk into a video rental place where DVDs are stacked for renting it out for customers. The services like YouTume, Netflix etc have changes the way people used to rent videos. They provide on-demand instant access anywhere via a internet enabled device. who pays for the videos? They are paid by advertisers and subscribers, thus by creating access to videos, asset free in space, time and money

3. Airbnb, CouchSurfing, Onefinestay has created an asset light generation for housing

There used to be and still are, dedicated hotel buildings providing housing/ accommodation. The rooms look uniform running with 60%-80% utilization. With services like Airbnb, CouchSurfing etc, one can turn any privately owned apartment or house into a unique looking adventurous hotel experience. With these services, the way people look at hotels have changed.

4. Zipcar, Uber, Hailo have brought an asset light generation for getting around/riding

One car per person leads to inefficient use of resources leading to traffic congestion and pollution. Services like Zipcar, Uber etc provideon-demand Ride-sharing via app with location awareness and reviews on the service. This has made getting around asset light.

5. Zaarly, TaskRabbit provide an asset light generation for services

Do-it-yourself used to be a trend but remember it takes a lot of time for example mowing your lawn. Now services like Zaarly and TaskRabbit provide quick services like laundry, groceries shopping etc done via a smart phone.

6. Chegg, Amazon Textbook Rental provide an asset light generation for textbooks

As a student we used to buy loads of expensive textbooks that are rarely used after course completion. Now services like Chegg, Amazon textbook rental etc provide the same textbooks during semester, 3x cheaper than buying. You only pay for usage rights during the semester and don’t need to fill your bookshelves with textbooks that are unused after the course completion.

7. Square, Paypal, Google Wallet etc create an asset light generation for wallets

Now the wallets have become light as smart phone becomes your new wallet with payment capability and also carry your loyalty cards, boarding passes and etickets. Goan are the days where you carry your wallet or a pouch handing around your waist, loaded with cash, coins credit cards and loyalty cards. Services like Square, Paypal, Google wallet etc have definitively created a asset light generation for wallets.

8. OnForce, Freelancer, oDesk etc have created an asset light generation for employment

Remember the days were our elders used to work on fulltime for a fixed cost. Now with the concept of workforce as a service, asset light services like Freelancer, OnForce etc provide on-demand, global, 24/7 service at a variable cost. Employer can hire online for a fraction of cost for variable time.

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