Don’t Know The Song You Are Humming? The Rat Will Find It For You

If you are humming few words from a song but don’t know the song title and artist, then just get on to LyricRat.

Lyric Rat is naming that tune in 140 characters or less.


When tried to search for “But now it seems I’m just a stranger to myself” it took 3 seconds and came up with the result “Wasted Years by Iron Maiden”.It also lists some alternatives. You can make sure by listening to a shot clip of the song online to confirm its the same tune you were looking for. To buy the album, just click on the title or artist that would take you to amazon where you can directly buy.


Lyric Rat names that tune in 140 characters or less on Twitter.


Alternatively, just send a tweet to @LyricRat with some lyrics and the Rat will reply with the song title and artist and a link with more info. How cool isn’t it?

Get on to LyricRat and try it yourself!

So next time you want to find a title or artist of a song, you know how to get it.


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