Declining market for Internet Explorer

Firefox 3.0 is indeed grabbing the browser market share. StatCounter report clearly shows that the Firefox 3.0 has already captured the IE 6.0 market share and looks strong to get to IE 7.0 in the near future.

The open source browser, Firefox rose to 24 percent of users in February while IE6 dipped to just over 22.6 percent, making Firefox the second most popular browser by individual version. Internet Explorer 7 may still lead the show with 40.8 percent, But the Firefox usage increase narrows the gap as Microsoft’s browser has remained largely flat since at least July.

Browser Usage Statistics

Source: StatCounter

Report also shows that the individuals prefer to switch to Firefox 3.0 instead of IE 7.0. Mainly because IE 7.0 is for windows platform alone but Firefox rules over all platforms including Windows, its Free, faster and has a ton of Plug-in support.

Small players like Opera 9 is at about 1.9 percent share, while Safari 3 is at 1.6 percent. Opera too is slightly gaining the momentum and grabbed a small portion of the growing trend.

We have to wait and see if IE 8.0 helps MS to gain its browser market share once again!

via Electronista

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  3. Marlon says:

    Internet Explorer 8 is really good. This browser is very very stable and i have been using it for quite a while without blue screens or crashes.

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