Convert Your Phone Screen Into A Canvas

If you are a person who loves to sketch all the time then its time to get on to one of those Windows Mobile Devices and Get your hands on the Pencil Box.


The Phone Box software for Windows Mobile is an extremely light and simple drawing tool that lets you to literally convert your mobile phone screen into a canvas. It provides only the necessary items like eight pencils, one eraser, a clear canvas and stimulates you with loads of imagination to draw.


Tap a pencil you want to draw and the active pencil moves above the others, so you always can see what pencil is active. Tap eraser to activate it, move it left-right-up-down to erase stuff and tap a pencil to deactivate the eraser.

To clear canvas, tap the icon and you will be asked for confirmation. To exit, just tap the red button.

The only drawback is that is does not provide a “save” option.  Pencil Box automatically saves the canvas to bitmap (BMP) file named “PencilBox.bmp” and is stored in “My Documents” folder on your Pocket PC. Whenever you need to access, make sure you copy or rename that file using use your favorite File Explorer.

Overall, Pencil Box is free and very simple to use. One can create really cool drawings.

apple   orange nest

Download and give it a try!

To download this program direct to your phone, scan this QRcode barcode link


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