Conventional Computing Model VS Cloud Service Model

A good comparison of Conventional computing model and Cloud service model. How, client/server side programs are changed as Web 2.0 type of apps in cloud computing. Lots of changes and new paradigm. Still more to change during complete transition to Web 3.0.


*Source – Forester Research Inc.

Conventional Computing Model Cloud Service Model


  • Client side apps
  • Client/server apps
  • Web interface to local server app
  • Data/Process resides on PC or on local server

End user cloud services

  • Rich internet applications
  • Web 2.0 technologies
  • Software-as-a-service
  • Data and process resides on the service provider or remote virtual server

Developer tools and technologies

  • Client side development tools
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Composite applications
  • Proprietary applications such as Win32


  • Internet hosted software services that enable mashups
  • Web hosted development tools
  • Community development tools for shared templates and code


  • App server
  • File and object stores
  • Database
  • Integration server

Software platform as a service

  • Hosted app platform
  • Hosted data, file, and object stores
  • Hosted database
  • Software-integration-as-a-service

Physical Infrastructure

  • Servers
  • Disks
  • Networks
  • System Management


  • Virtual servers
  • Storage servers
  • Virtual LAN configuration
  • Management-as-a-service
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