Commander Stalin – Open Source Free Strategy Game

Commander Stalin, is a free and open source strategy game. The game is set in the Soviet Union ruled by Stalin. The player is Stalin. He must organize the state, industrialization and turn it into a major power. This should effectively manage their resources, creating a broad base of social support (workers), launching the existing industry and develop science and technology.


Captain Stalin 121 

Captain Stalin 1

 Captain Stalin 12

 Captain Stalin 14

 Captain Stalin 15

Download Commander Stalin here

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  1. Looks great ! I’m installing it right now.
    Great blog.
    PS: Change the Ubuntu counter … 9.10 is coming out in 4 days :D.

  2. Ryan says:

    Didn’t Stalin kill 20 million people? Isn’t it odd to have a game based on the character?

  3. […] siguiente juego es  Commander Stalin un juego de estrategia en segunda persona, RTS, tiempo real, donde debes ajustar la economía de […]

  4. Aleksandar Ciric says:

    There is a script that downloads commander stalin, extracts it, adds shortcut with icon into menu. For linux that is.

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