Comapping AIR – The Next Generation Mindmapping Tool

We had featured 12 best Free Mind Map Tools earlier. Mind Mapping is a useful tool that improves the way you take notes and supports creative problem solving. Comapping AIR Beta takes it to the next level by integrating with, an online mindmapping solution and making mindmapping more collaborative than ever before.

Comapping utilizes AIR, Adobe’s latest technology to convert the online application to offline.  It is basically a online software to manage and share information and provides an option to work offline, when no internet connection is available. One can use it to take notes, plan and organize and have one set of notes for everyone.


Here are some of the coolest features available:


1. One set of notes and files for everyone, i.e you and your team

  • Attach any file format to your notes
  • Puts all of your notes in one place
  • Auto-save and Auto-backups onto a secure server provides worry-free storage for your notes and files

    2. Multiple people can collaborate and work on the same map

  • Real-time Collaboration and Updates
  • Supports up to 20 active collaborators at one time
  • Built in Chat feature
  • Task management, sending on-demand status e-mails
  • Create simple and understandable presentations online

    3. It provides a Mind Mapping interface with a visual outlining

  • Based on Mind Mapping, this format brings a visual interface that shows connections between the blocks of information text in your map
  • Screen auto-centering keeps your selected topics on the screen, allowing you to quickly take notes
  • Drag and drop topics for quick reorganization
  • Left-to-Right mapping has been tested versus traditional circular mapping.
  • Using cutting-edge programming technologies, you will experience smooth animation and fast navigation as if it were a desktop application installed on your PC

    4. Provides an online interface so you an connect from any computer

  • Access from anywhere, 24/7
  • Online, short how-to videos are accessible to guide you when you need guidance, not when you don’t
  • 5. Offline Comapping software supports Comapping Online

  • Enables you to work offline, when no internet connection is available
  • Provides a place for private non-sharable data

    6. Supports both PC and Mac with nothing to download

  • Using Flash on any modern browser, including IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome
  • Online web 2.0 software, so you have nothing to download. Get started in a matter of seconds

    Try a free trial by just downloading and installing it!


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