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Eight Mobile Internet Services that have created an Asset-Light generation

Mary Meeker in her 2012 Internet Trends Report has described how the mobile internet world has brought a major change in what is now called the Asset-Light generation. An asset heavy lifestyle consumes a lot of space time and money. The mobile internet has brought in a change to lifestyle by freeing space, time and money and provide a asset light lifestyle. Times have changes to allow consumers to access services via technology rather than focus on possession of physical asset. Here in this post we cover 10 such services that have brought in a asset light lifestyle leaving behind the heavy physical asset and enjoy a much advanced service.

1. iTunes , Pandora, Spotify,, Grooveshark creates ab asset light generation for Music

Gone are the days when we used to buy Tapes, CDs and Records and stock it in the shelf, have a dedicated player to play the favorite music. Services like iTunes, Pandora, Spotify etc have created a asset light generation for music. Pay for access and it lets you instant on-demand of streaming on internet enabled devices. This let you to discover new music through friends and experts.

2. YouTube, Netflix, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc creates an asset light generation for videos

Eye Sore Cinema Video Store Day

Not too long ago we used to purchase those DVD and BluRay discs of our favorite movies and stack in on a rack. or you would walk into a video rental place where DVDs are stacked for renting it out for customers. The services like YouTume, Netflix etc have changes the way people used to rent videos. They provide on-demand instant access anywhere via a internet enabled device. who pays for the videos? They are paid by advertisers and subscribers, thus by creating access to videos, asset free in space, time and money

3. Airbnb, CouchSurfing, Onefinestay has created an asset light generation for housing

There used to be and still are, dedicated hotel buildings providing housing/ accommodation. The rooms look uniform running with 60%-80% utilization. With services like Airbnb, CouchSurfing etc, one can turn any privately owned apartment or house into a unique looking adventurous hotel experience. With these services, the way people look at hotels have changed.

4. Zipcar, Uber, Hailo have brought an asset light generation for getting around/riding

One car per person leads to inefficient use of resources leading to traffic congestion and pollution. Services like Zipcar, Uber etc provideon-demand Ride-sharing via app with location awareness and reviews on the service. This has made getting around asset light.

5. Zaarly, TaskRabbit provide an asset light generation for services

Do-it-yourself used to be a trend but remember it takes a lot of time for example mowing your lawn. Now services like Zaarly and TaskRabbit provide quick services like laundry, groceries shopping etc done via a smart phone.

6. Chegg, Amazon Textbook Rental provide an asset light generation for textbooks

As a student we used to buy loads of expensive textbooks that are rarely used after course completion. Now services like Chegg, Amazon textbook rental etc provide the same textbooks during semester, 3x cheaper than buying. You only pay for usage rights during the semester and don’t need to fill your bookshelves with textbooks that are unused after the course completion.

7. Square, Paypal, Google Wallet etc create an asset light generation for wallets

Now the wallets have become light as smart phone becomes your new wallet with payment capability and also carry your loyalty cards, boarding passes and etickets. Goan are the days where you carry your wallet or a pouch handing around your waist, loaded with cash, coins credit cards and loyalty cards. Services like Square, Paypal, Google wallet etc have definitively created a asset light generation for wallets.

8. OnForce, Freelancer, oDesk etc have created an asset light generation for employment

Remember the days were our elders used to work on fulltime for a fixed cost. Now with the concept of workforce as a service, asset light services like Freelancer, OnForce etc provide on-demand, global, 24/7 service at a variable cost. Employer can hire online for a fraction of cost for variable time.

Inside Details Of America’s 5 Largest Data Centers

Data centers are huge and power guzzlers! See what kind of pollution that these monsters can cause to your neighborhood! Greenpeace alleges, most data centers use dirty energy!


“Many companies treat their energy consumption a bit like the Coca-Cola secret formula, because they don’t want competitors knowing how much they spend on energy. Consumers want to know that when they upload a video or change their Facebook status that they are not contributing to global warming or future Fukushimas.” – Greenpeace


  1. Lakeside Technology Center – Has 50 Diesel backup generates which are fueled by multiple 30,000 gallon tanks of diesel fuel, in 1.1 Million Sq Ft area that can have up to 210000 serves, is the largest according to the below infograpic! The Lakeside Technology Centre is the second-largest power customer for Commonwealth Edison, trailing only Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. It is in Chicago, IL

  2. QTS Metro Data Center – Supported by 80 Mega Watts of Georgia sub station, also has 19 Diesel backup generators in 990,000 Sq Ft area in Atlanta, GA is the second largest. Also to note, it hosts Twitter, Global Payments Inc.!

  3. NAP of Americas – Over 750,00 Sq Ft area Data Center is in Miami, FL

  4. Microsoft Chicago Datacenter – Over 700,00 Sq Ft area Data Center that dedicatedly holds Microsoft services such as Bing, Hotmail, XBOX Live etc. It has potential to hold up to 300,000 servers!

  5. IO Phoenix – With over 538,000 Sq Ft. data center, with backup 24 Diesel generators is the 5th largest Data center in the US!


Top 3 Job Skills That The Emerging Cloud And Web Services Demand!

Emerging Cloud computing and web services are pushing the web space to get more and more traffic and users. Social networks such as Facebook and MySpace have millions of users on their servers and the patterns of the usage, likings etc. are very interesting to track and understand. These new hapenings on the web have completely changed the way people and especially engineers think and work. There are new requirements from technologists and here is a list of top 3 requirements in the online space at the moment.



Image Source – HowStuffWorks

  • Data Mining – Online space is vast and huge. Lots of patterns exist and the ever growing server farms and mammoth cloud infrastructure demand advanced data mining techniques to decipher key hidden. Large database engines like Hadoop, Google Mapreduce etc. offer hundreds of terabytes of database and experts on such systems are always in demand.

  • Business Intelligence – Large data from the online space attract more intelligence and business strategists. Data mining require experts who can understand the business patterns and understand the next potential business white spaces. 

  • Analytics and Statistics – Web services and cloud are attracting humongous traffic and people in to your business. Companies want automated web analytics to get the trend and statistics. What ever trend/statistics collection that can be automated are being automated. Frameworks such as Ganglia monitor distributed systems and provide analytics of the happenings.

Top Gmail Web Apps – Enhance Your Gmail Experience!

There are many gmail enhancers/web apps out there. Some of them are listed below that can greatly help you in reducing your time to groom or manage your gmail account.

enhance gmail

Other Inbox

This web app will organize your gmail inbox. It automatically analyzes your incoming mail, label and archive low priority emails. Other Inbox will make sure that Your important emails sent by real people are left in your Inbox.


Are you flooded with email from email marketers? You still receive emails from email marketers even though you unsubscribed from their services? then check out Unsubscribe web app for gmail. It is available for other emails such as Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail etc.


Are you running out of free space in your gmail account? Then have a look at FindBigMails web app. Gives you a comprehensive graphic details of usage details, large emails etc.



Rapportive finds relevant information about your contacts, email senders from social media and builds a rich contact profiles right inside Gmail. Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.


AwayFind escalates your urgent emails when you are away from it. When you receive an urgent message, AwayFind will notify you via SMS, voice call, iPhone push, IM, or even delegate the message to someone you specify.


See if you email gets read or not and when!

Gmail Backup to Hotmail

Labnol (a technology blog) has a decent article on how to use Hotmail as an alternative backup place for your gmail mails!


Connect TripIt to your gmail! It automatically polls your inbox, scanes for travel emails, forwards it to your tripit mail so that your travel plans are automatically scanned, and then sent to tripit. Great tool.


Compose an email in gmail and then schedule it to be sent later! cool email scheduler program for gmail.

Source [labnol]

Next Generation Web Search Engine – Search and Sort As Per Tags!

Search Engine market is dominated by Google and Bing (from Microsoft) search engines. Others almost out of the market or just hanging on to the bottom! Both of them are really doing well and adding features for us to search better each day. But, world is full of intelligent people and how do you keep up to the young talents coming up with new ideas and technologies.


Take a look at this new Search engine – Blekko! Really impressive. Need to see how they scale up.

What is Blekko anyways?

Blekko is a search engine with a difference. They have introduced “Slashtags”. Using slash tags, you could sort your search results based on criteria. Say, you search for technology news and use tag /date, you will get search results chronologically sorted results. something which is not easy to do on Google/Bing search. Lots of tags are out there to slash internet. You can use default tags or introduce your own tags. You can make them private or public. Others can use your tags if you wish to.

e.g. below is a search query on Global Warming with slashtag /Twitter. It gives the Twitter results for global warming!


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