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Top Cloud Based Project Tracking And Management Tools

Microsoft Project has always been the most wisely used project management tools all these years because of its features and ease of use. However, there are interesting newer cloud based apps because of cloud adaptation. We take a look at some of the popular ones.

Gantter (Free)

online project management

Gantter is one the versatile, realtime project management tool on cloud. Best of all, it is free and with its auto-save features, you are never going to miss any updates. The entire team can collaborate and see the real time updates. It integrates well with Google Drive and other cloud drives for easy storage of project files. For more, please visit their site.

Zoho Projects (Freemium)

Zoho Projects is a competent project management tool on cloud from start to finish. You can access the project data from phones and tablets as well. You get to see pleasant project management dashboards right at your finger tips.


Planbox (Freemium)

Planbox is a full-featured and an easy to use,  Agile Project Management Software that let’s you plan, collaborate and deliver. Right out of the box on cloud. Good support for online collaboration, advanced notification and real time tracking and updates to the team.

Tom’s Planner (Premium)

Tom’s Planner is online Gantt chart software that allows project teams to create, collaborate and share Gantt Charts online with drag and drop simplicity. It’s cloud/web based, intuitive and easy-to-use. Quite popular with the project leads!


Basecamp (Premium)

Basecamp is an unique, single-page project dash board that keeps everything together. With an entire project on one page, nothing gets lost and your team always knows where things are.

ProWorkFlow (Premium)

ProworkFlow lets you manage projects, tasks, time tracking, staff and contacts anytime from anywhere. All you need is a web browser or Smartphone! Everything works on Cloud!

Project management cloud

Milestone Planner (Premium)

Milestone Planner’s has an visual approach so that everyone sees the big picture, instantly. Zoom in and out by date or detail, to see as much or as little as you need.

Gantto (Premium)

Another great online project management tool, create, track, share, update milestones easily and at real time! Check it out here.


Microsoft Project Online (Premium)

Microsoft is not far behind, it has its most powerful project tool online. If you are an ardent MS Project lover, you need to check it here

Free Mind Map Tools For iPad (Tablet)

Mind mapping is a great way of visually representing our ideas in a simple way. Very important while the team does brain storming and passing on ideas to new set of people. There are quite a few free mind mapping tools for PCs. Now, it is the ear of tablets and iPad has come a long way. Very intuitive and multi touch screen allows a far more intuitiveness while drawing mind map. There are few free tools to create mind maps on iPad too. These are good alternatives to commercial mind mapping tools such as iThoughtsHD, MindNode, Maptini, MagicalPad etc.

SimpleMind+ (Free)

Mind mapping tool that turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device. AppStore link

iPhone Screenshot 1 

MindMeister (Free)

MindMeister is a great tool for iPhone is the companion app for mind mapping.

AppStore link

iPhone Screenshot 1 

IdeaSketch (Free)

Idea Sketch lets you easily draw a diagram – mind map, concept map, or flow chart – and convert it to a text outline, and vice versa. You can use Idea Sketch for anything, such as brainstorming new ideas, illustrating concepts, making lists and outlines, planning presentations, creating organizational charts, and more!

iPhone Screenshot 1

MindJet (Free)

Mindjet for iPad lets you easily enter ideas, tasks, and meeting notes into intuitive visual maps that help you quickly organize concepts and prioritize action items. Instantly create new maps or import them from Mindjet Connect.

iPad Screenshot 3

Great Chrome Apps To Enhance Productivity At Office

Chrome web store has great tools to enhance productivity at office. Here is a list of 10+ such must have apps for enhancing productivity.

Wedoist – Beautifully Simple Project Management

Assign tasks, manage files, meet deadlines, share status updates, comment on just about anything, real time chat with your team and much more with Wedoist!

Planbox – Agile Project Management and Collaboration

Be agile with Planbox. Planbox is a powerful yet easy to use Agile & Scrum Project Management Tool. We help small teams Plan, Collaborate and Deliver. Right out of the box.


LiquidPlanner – Project Management

MindMeister – Great mind-map tool on Chrome

MindMeister brings mind mapping to the web allowing for real-time collaboration and truly global brainstorming sessions.


Evernote – Save your thoughts!

Evernote lets you save all of your ideas and experiences in Evernote, then access them from every computer and phone you use.

Fiabee – Share files

Access, share and search across all files contained in your devices, even offline. And drop files into your Android from Chrome with Fiabee! – Write-down your ToDo List is an intuitive and easy to use online Todo list, and Task Manager. It helps you to get organized, and to get things done.

Lucid Chart – Online Diagramming Tool

The easiest way to draw flowcharts, mockups, UML, mind maps and more. Work together in real time with your team and clients.

Zoho Project Management Tools

Excellent project management tool to track you project, plan, execute and deliver. Very handy tool and simple to use.

Connected Mind – Great mind maps

Draw unique and memorable mind maps, store them in the cloud for free and access them anywhere

Vyew – Webconferencing

Beyond web conferencing – Collaborate in a continuous meeting room, real-time or anytime: webcam, whiteboard, and doc review tools.


SlideRocket – Awesome Presentation Software

SlideRocket defines the new way to create stunning presentations that deliver lasting impressions and measurable results.


Prezi – Another great presentation software

Prezi is a zooming web-based presentation tool that moves beyond the constraints of traditional slides.


8 Essential Skills A Project Manager Must Posses

Many time people mistake that a good technical expert is expected to possess good project management skills. This is not necessarily true. Project manager are like small business owners and they need to know every aspect of  management. The general management skills are the foundation of a good project management practice.


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Here in this post we look at eight essential skills that every project manager must possess. Your mastery of them or lack of them is likely to affect the project outcome.

1. Communication Skills

One of the most important skill needed for every project manager is excellent communication skill. Project manager should ensure that project related communications are explicit, clear and complete to the audience. Just one miscommunication has a potential to derail the project.

2. Organizational Skills

Project manager have project documentations. minutes of meetings, project reports etc. They need to organize information well,organize meetings, put together teams and at times also organize media release schedules depending on the project.

3. Planning Skills

In order to stay organized, planning skills are very important. Project manager needs to plan the delivery milestones, plan meetings with clients, management teams etc. Planning skills go hand in hand with organizational skills and is one of the most important skill needed in addition to communication skills.

4. Budgeting Skills

As the project manager needs to manage the project in a given budget, his knowledge of finance and accounting principles are important. Essential skill is the ability to perform cost estimates for the project budgeting. Right from hiring cost, resourcing cost to apex cost, the project manager needs to budget them appropriately so the project does not over run the budget.

5. Conflict Management Skills

There are no projects without problems. Conflict management is resolving problems. It could be conflicts between team members or conflicts for some resource. The project manager should be able to clearly separate out the problems from cause and analyze the problem, the situation causing it etc and implement the best course of action.

6. Negotiation Skills

The negotiation starts at every stage of the project right from the beginning. Negotiation skill is essential as the project manager needs to negotiate various aspect like scope of the project, the schedule, cost, team structure that is needed to deliver the project, milestones and many other things that happen through out the project

7. Influencing Skills

Influencing skills go hand in hand with negotiation skills. Influencing is convincing the other party on the choice that project manager thinks is better than the other. Influencing requires an understanding of the formal and informal structure of all organization involved in the project.

8. Leadership Skills

Not all project managers turn out to be a good leader. But a project manager who has good leadership skills can impart vision, gain consensus for strategic goals, establish direction and inspire and motivate the team. Project manager must exhibit the characteristics of a leadership during different times in the project.

Free Open Source Software To Manage Large Scale Enterprise Systems

When you manage large projects, its always important to have a easy tool that lets you manage various aspects of the projects like project plan, change requests, document management etc. While there are some commercial software available, there are some really nice and simple software that are available for free. Endeavour Software Project Management is one of the best that is gaining popularity every day.

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Endeavour Software Project Management is an Open Source solution to manage the creation of large-scale enterprise systems in an iterative and incremental development process.

It has some great features to manage portfolio, resource, document management etc. The major features include support for the following software artifacts:

  • Use Case Management
  • Project Plan Management and Charts
  • Iteration Management
  • Change Request Management
  • Wiki Integration with JAMWiki
  • Document Management
  • Test Case Management
  • Defect Tracking
  • Defect Report
  • Assignments Report
  • Task Management
  • Project Glossary
  • Actors Management
  • Status Update Management
  • Iteration Defects By Status and Priority Reports
  • Iteration Cumulative Flow Report
  • Test Plan Management

Endeavour Software Project Management



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