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Eight Mobile Internet Services that have created an Asset-Light generation

Mary Meeker in her 2012 Internet Trends Report has described how the mobile internet world has brought a major change in what is now called the Asset-Light generation. An asset heavy lifestyle consumes a lot of space time and money. The mobile internet has brought in a change to lifestyle by freeing space, time and money and provide a asset light lifestyle. Times have changes to allow consumers to access services via technology rather than focus on possession of physical asset. Here in this post we cover 10 such services that have brought in a asset light lifestyle leaving behind the heavy physical asset and enjoy a much advanced service.

1. iTunes , Pandora, Spotify,, Grooveshark creates ab asset light generation for Music

Gone are the days when we used to buy Tapes, CDs and Records and stock it in the shelf, have a dedicated player to play the favorite music. Services like iTunes, Pandora, Spotify etc have created a asset light generation for music. Pay for access and it lets you instant on-demand of streaming on internet enabled devices. This let you to discover new music through friends and experts.

2. YouTube, Netflix, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc creates an asset light generation for videos

Eye Sore Cinema Video Store Day

Not too long ago we used to purchase those DVD and BluRay discs of our favorite movies and stack in on a rack. or you would walk into a video rental place where DVDs are stacked for renting it out for customers. The services like YouTume, Netflix etc have changes the way people used to rent videos. They provide on-demand instant access anywhere via a internet enabled device. who pays for the videos? They are paid by advertisers and subscribers, thus by creating access to videos, asset free in space, time and money

3. Airbnb, CouchSurfing, Onefinestay has created an asset light generation for housing

There used to be and still are, dedicated hotel buildings providing housing/ accommodation. The rooms look uniform running with 60%-80% utilization. With services like Airbnb, CouchSurfing etc, one can turn any privately owned apartment or house into a unique looking adventurous hotel experience. With these services, the way people look at hotels have changed.

4. Zipcar, Uber, Hailo have brought an asset light generation for getting around/riding

One car per person leads to inefficient use of resources leading to traffic congestion and pollution. Services like Zipcar, Uber etc provideon-demand Ride-sharing via app with location awareness and reviews on the service. This has made getting around asset light.

5. Zaarly, TaskRabbit provide an asset light generation for services

Do-it-yourself used to be a trend but remember it takes a lot of time for example mowing your lawn. Now services like Zaarly and TaskRabbit provide quick services like laundry, groceries shopping etc done via a smart phone.

6. Chegg, Amazon Textbook Rental provide an asset light generation for textbooks

As a student we used to buy loads of expensive textbooks that are rarely used after course completion. Now services like Chegg, Amazon textbook rental etc provide the same textbooks during semester, 3x cheaper than buying. You only pay for usage rights during the semester and don’t need to fill your bookshelves with textbooks that are unused after the course completion.

7. Square, Paypal, Google Wallet etc create an asset light generation for wallets

Now the wallets have become light as smart phone becomes your new wallet with payment capability and also carry your loyalty cards, boarding passes and etickets. Goan are the days where you carry your wallet or a pouch handing around your waist, loaded with cash, coins credit cards and loyalty cards. Services like Square, Paypal, Google wallet etc have definitively created a asset light generation for wallets.

8. OnForce, Freelancer, oDesk etc have created an asset light generation for employment

Remember the days were our elders used to work on fulltime for a fixed cost. Now with the concept of workforce as a service, asset light services like Freelancer, OnForce etc provide on-demand, global, 24/7 service at a variable cost. Employer can hire online for a fraction of cost for variable time.

Beyond Siri: Top Voice Assisted Apps for Android & iPhone

Since 1995 we have seen the voice assistance taking new levels as the technology grew along starting from text-to-speech to Natural language understanding. During 1995 what started as a virtual telephone assistant using the text to speech technology enhanced to the virtual concierge using the speech recognition technology during 2000-2010. Year 2011 is when we saw the virtual search assistant using the speech recognition technology, Google introduced voice search. The coming years, 2012 to 2015 is going to be the new era of your lifestyle buddy, a new UI that understands natural language. With Apple’s successful launch of its Siri technology in 2011, voice-activated mobile virtual assistants (VAs) have crossed the chasm into mass-market deployments. With the help if Apple’s Siri Technology success in 2011, voice activated  mobile virtual assistances have enabled users to complete their tasks like search, dialing or texting via voice commands. 

Beyond Siri, here are top 10 virtual assistance ( voice assistant) apps in terms of downloads since their launch.

1. Voice Search ( Android ) by Google


Downloads: 109 million & Revenues: 0

2. Vlingo Virtual Assistant ( Android ) and Voice App (iPhone) by Vilingo Corporation

Download 8.2 million & Revenues: 0

3. Iris (Android) by Dexera

Downloads: 4.4 million & Revenues: 0

4. Skyvi (Android) by Blue Tomado

Downloads: 1.9 million & Revenues: 0

5. Assistant (Android) & Skeaptoit Assistant (iPhone) by Speaktoit


Downloads: 1.7 million & Revenues: 57 thousand USD

6. AIVC – Free & Paid (Android) by YourApp24

Downloads: 1.4 million & Revenues: 57 thousand USD

7. Car Home ( Android ) by Google Inc


Downloads: 1.2 million & Revenues: 0

8. Dragon (iOS) Search by Nuance Communications

Downloads: 1.1 million & Revenues: 0

9. Jeannie ( Android ) and Voice Action ( iOS ) by Pannous

Downloads: 1.1 million & Revenues: 665 thousand USD

10. Everfriends ( Android ) by i-Free Innovations

Downloads: 0.7 million and Revenue: 0


15 Popular iPhone Apps from Retailers for their Loyal Customers

As the mobile users and smart phone apps keep growing, for every retailer there is a need to have a smart phone app for Loyal customers that enhances the shopping experience inside and outside the store. Also, every retailer who has a Loyalty program or Reward program must have loyalty apps that lets customer receive m-coupons, checkout offers, check reward points, view and redeem gift certificates etc using their mobile device. Here in this post we provide a list of apps that are targeted for Loyal customers.

1.Best Buy Reward Zone

Its a loyalty app for Best Buy store that lets you to access points, reward certificates, purchase history and exclusive Reward Zone offers all from your mobile device. It lets you even redeem reward certificates from your mobile device. Using the app, you can find out how many points you have, what’s in-stock at your local Best Buy store, and read customer product reviews.

iPhone Screenshot 1

check out the app here

2. Starbucks

For Loyal customers of Starbucks, there is a Starbucks app that lets the customer to Pay with their iPhone/iPod Touch, check Starbucks Card balance, reload card, Track Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program, Send an eGift to a friend via email or Facebook wall post and lots of other features that come in handy.

iPhone Screenshot 3

Check out the app here.

3. Target

With the Target App for iPhone you can stay organized with TargetLists,  Save money with Daily Deals. Check prices with the Barcode Scanner, use the magic gift card right from your phone, find a store and lots more.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Check out the app here.

4. Walgreens

Walgreens brings you the official iPhone app, featuring Refill by Scan. Simply order your prescription refills by scanning the barcode on your pill bottle. You can also receive refill reminders by utilizing Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). And with our new Pill Reminder, you can set-up alerts so you’ll never forget when to take your prescriptions. Other great features like Quick Prints, allows you to select pictures from your iPhone and pick up the prints in about an hour. Find the store nearest you using GPS. Discover in-store savings in your local mobile Weekly Ad or view exclusive mobile coupons. Add items to your mobile shopping list and share them. Scan barcodes and QR codes from our paper Weekly Ad to learn more about products and promotions and add items to your shopping list.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Check out the app here.

5. Wallmart

The Walmart app for iPhone helps you find quality products at unbeatable prices at home, in Wallmart stores or on the go. With the Smart Shopping List, it’s now even easier to save money, stay on budget and build your shopping list. Add items in seconds using the built-in barcode scanner, voice entry, favorites or suggestions. It also has  manufacturer coupons right in the app.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Check out the app here

6. Best Buy

The Best Buy app provides a fresh new way to shop for the latest and greatest technology. Browse the full Best Buy product catalog, compare product specs, and create your technology wish list. It lets you view your past purchases, track your points and view the latest offers using Reward Zone.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Check out the app here.

7. The Home Depot

The Home Depot iPhone app enhances your shopping experience inside and outside the store. With the app you can research and purchase over 300,000 home improvement products, check store inventory and aisle location, scan QR and UPC codes, buy and send e-gift cards, locate stores & in-store maps and many more.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Check out the app here.

8. Lowe’s

he handy Lowe’s app allows you to shop online, review ratings on everything from appliances to hardware, locate the closest store and access inspiring videos and products. Get driving directions to your closest stores via GPS, or find a Lowe’s on the go by entering your city and state into the store locator. Also has the ability to check your gift card balance.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Check out the app here.

9. CVS Pharmacy

The official CVS/pharmacy iPhone App, helps you find the nearest CVS locations – store hours. Order prescriptions by Scanning your refills or via Rapid Refill (no sign in) or via your prescription history. Transfer prescriptions, access your account. View ExtraCare information – send offers to card, view Weekly Ads, sign up for offers, deals and more. You can schedule a flu shot – check MinuteClinic locations, services and accepted insurance plans.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Check out the app here.

10. JCPenney Weekly Deals

JCPenny Weekly Deals app provides instant access to great things happening at jcpenney, like fair and square pricing with month-long values and best prices. It lets you flip through the new monthly book and explore the digital calendar all designed to revolve around your life. Also you can find a store near you, shop the full online selection, access jcp rewards, link to your jcp credit card and more!

iPhone Screenshot 1

Check out the app here.


Fab is the #1 rated shopping app for design sales and inspirations. There are more than 2 million people turn to Fab for sales of up to 70% off retail on home decor, art, jewelry, fashion, and more – at all price points. The Fab app you can access Daily design inspirations & sales, never miss a sale while you’re on the go, check upcoming sales, browse by color, price, and category, view and zoom in on images, share your favorite designs on Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS — and earn credits!

iPhone Screenshot 4

Check out the app here.

12. Sears2go

With Sears2go, you can access to all of the items and categories on Shop, find and buy right in the app, then pick it up at the store or have it sent to your door.* Search by keyword or category to find what you need fast. You can also see sales and deals from the Weekly Ad, view detailed item descriptions and read individual product reviews and customer rating. If you are a rewards member you can access your account and check your point balance.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Check out the app here.

13. Kroger Co

The Kroger Co. mobile application allows you to view your rewards points and savings.In order to use The Kroger Co. mobile app, you must first have an online account on one of the banner websites (i.e. as well as a Shopper’s Card number associated with your account profile.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Check out the app here.

14. Gap

Shop Gap and other Gap Inc stores with Gap easy to use app. Find, save, share and buy products when and where it is convenient for you. With the app you browse the latest fashions across all our categories with detailed product descriptions and access to size and color availability. Scan product barcodes in store to find alternate sizes and colors, get product information and more.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Check out the app here.

15. Kohl’s

Tap into even more shopping convenience with the completely redesigned Kohl’s iPhone app. With new, easy-to-use features right at your fingertips, you can find what you want no matter where you are. Cool features are Browse pages of Kohl’s local deals or shop by department and brand, Scan Kohl’s product barcodes or QR codes to quickly access special savings, offers and exclusive information, Use your GPS Locator or ZIP code to find the nearest Kohl’s stores, see hours of operation and get directions and many more.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Check out the app here.

How to Transfer Files from Android Phone to PC using Wireless

The easiest way to transfer files from a phone is using wireless. The WiFi File Transfer app by SmartDroid let you do download files for your phone via WiFi connection. Easy-to-use web interface and no USB cable needed.

WiFi File Transfer

All you need to do is to press the start button.


Enter the URL in the computer browser and download the files from the sdcard via the browser.


Download here.

There are other similar apps that you could try which lets you download files via WiFi:

WiFi File Server Lite

SwiFTP FTP Server

10 Free Multiple Phone Web Based Application Framework

Years ago, there was debate around cross platform technologies and the importance of cross platform technologies like Java Vs. Microsoft .Net Vs. Web and other alternatives. With the recent mobile revolution, having multiple mobile platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and others in the front of the cutting edge technology, the cross platform question is once again become more relevant. The biggest question is “How do you build a software that can seamlessly run on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and even Windows Mobile”. The endless war between Apple (iPhone/iPad), Adobe (Flash), Google (Android), and Microsoft (Silver light, Windows, Windows Phone) has more losers than winners by one player not supporting the other.


A Multiple Phone Web Based Application Framework is a software framework that is intended to solve the problem of cross platform question. A multiple phone web based application framework is a software framework that is designed to support the development of phone applications that are written as embedded dynamic websites and may leverage native phone capabilities, like geo data, camera or contact lists. There are many such frameworks that are evolving and this post provids a list of 10 free multiple phone web based application framework.

1. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform that allows you to author native applications with web technologies and get access to APIs and app stores. PhoneGap leverages web  developers already best known technologies like HTML and JavaScript. PhoneGap supports all popular mobile platforms – iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Palm WebOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile. For more information check here.

2. iUI

iUI is a framework consisting of a JavaScript library, CSS, and images for developing advanced mobile webapps.Made with only iPhone in mind in the first place (reason of i UI), it now supports most smartphones & tablets. It supports iOS, Android, BlackBerry ( limited models) , and Windows Mobile. For more information check here.

3. QuickConnectFamily

QuickConnectFamily is a hybrid framework that lets you to get your app on the store now by using your web skills to create installable mobile applications. It lets you write your iOS or Android app in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and still access the device. it supports iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Palm WebOS.  Windows Mobile is in the road-map. For more information check here.

4. Rhodes

Rhodes 3.0 let you to use your web skills to write native apps once and build for all smart phones. RhoHub lets you write and build apps online. RhoConnect lets you to easily integrate with enterprise apps and synchronize data to devices.  supports all popular mobile platforms – iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile. For more information check here.

5. Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is a platform for developing mobile, tablet and desktop applications using web technologies HTML, CSS and Javascript. It supports iOS and Android. Blackberry support is in beta. Gartner names Appcelerator as Visionary in their recent Magic Quadrant analysis of the rapidly growing market for mobile software platforms. For more information on Appcelerator Titanium, check here.

6. iPFaces

iPFaces is an open source framework developed by Edhouse for simple creation of native application for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, BlackBerry and devices with Mobile Java (J2ME).The solution is dedicated for web developers experienced either in ASP.Net, Java or PHP. For more details on iPFaces, check here.

7. Canappi

Canappi enables entrepreneurs, Developers and businesses to rapidly build cross-platform mobile applications. It uses Objective-C, Java, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Silverlight. Canappi supports iOS and Symbian currently and Android support is in beta. For more information, check here.

8. Mobl

Mobl is an programming language and open-source multiple phone web-based application framework. It is a statically typed language that targets mobile phones that support JavaScript and HTML5.It supports iOS, Android and Pam WebOS. For more details check here.

9. Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is the world’s first app framework built specifically to leverage HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript for the highest level of power, flexibility, and optimization. Sencha Touch is a cross-platform framework aimed at next generation, touch enabled, devices. Sencha Touch allows you to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry touch devices. For more information check here.

10. NEXT

NEXT is a free, open source Java and HTML5 framework for building Native Looking web applications for smartphones and tablets. NEXT is device agnostic and runs on 6 different platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS6+, webOS, Samsung bada and BlackBerry PlayBook. It is completely based on web standards like HTML5 and CSS3. Influenced by Apple’s Cocoa Touch, NEXT is using MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern, allowing rapid HTML5 mobile development and leaving you focused on your real business problems. For more information, check here.

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