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Make Your Own StackOverFlow In A Jiffy is one of the best sites for your technical questions to be asked and answered! This has successfully taken the hat from the premium service as the best Q&A site!

Though StackOverFlow is around, many a times, we may need to have our own question n answer setup which is private to enterprise, or simply to have a similar site.

If you are looking to setup a similar site for questions and answers, you are in luck as there few competent open source & free Q&A engines that just does that job of SO!


A highly scalable Q&A engine written in PHP that uses MongoDB for hyper scalability. It has deep integration with social media such as FB, Twitter etc. Can be hosted easily on LAMP or XAMP environment.

alternatives to StackOverFlow


Shapado is Q&A for enterprise or communities similar to StackOverFlow. Capable and easy to install. Though a premium service, Shapado offers a free plan with unlimited traffic with no custom ads and no custom domain.


Stacked is an open source implementation using .Net. Source code is also available for you to modify if needed.

How To Edit Videos In Minutes Like A Pro Using YouTube?

YouTube has been around for quite some time now as a free video hub. From HD videos to funny videos, you get them all on YouTube with a click of button. Did you know that YouTube also has video editing features simplified for dummies? Anybody with little video knowledge can compile a collection of videos, edit, publish on YouTube quite easily for no cost. You don’t need to buy commercial video editing products such as Avid Studio or Pinnacle Video or Adobe movie maker editor etc unless you are a serious video editor :)

All you need to do is, become a registered member of YouTube, click on Video Editor tab. You have all the things you need; Video timeline where you can drag and drop your video clips, add transitions, add text overlay, add audio tracks etc. Brilliantly simple yet very effective. Play with with it and get amazed with the results.

YouTube Video Editing

How to do image stabilization?

YouTube has even more cool features when you upload your videos. You can add annotations, do some advanced editing such as enhancing the unstable videos. YouTube has built in Image Stabilization feature which is really good.

YouTube Video Editing

Trimming videos


You can also trim/cut unwanted portion of your videos if need be. Add effects, audio tracks as needed. It is indeed a full fledged video editing software online! Use it as you go, get your videos anytime anywhere!

YouTube Video Editing

Free Virtual Whiteboard Apps On iPad – Sketch, Record and Share It With The World!

iPad with its revolutionary touch screen capabilities, has become a sensation in almost every field. Take for instance, education – Apps such as ScreenChomp and SeeMe can turn iPad in to virtual whiteboard! You can literally use iPad as a whiteboard, write, sketch, teach and record at the same time. Best of all, you can easily share it with the world as a video – e.g. help a student do homework, write a scribble and send, draw your thoughts, share a mind map! possibilities are plenty. Especially, kids can lean writing and parents can correct by recording when they write..You can even produce videos similar to the Khan Academy.



  • Touch RECORD to capture your touch interactions and audio instructions on a plain background, or an image from your iPad camera roll.
  • SKETCH out your ideas and talk the viewer through the "how" and "why" of it all.
  • Stop and SHARE your video snack to to generate a simple web link you can paste anywhere – or – post it to Facebook with one-click!


ShowMe – interactive whiteboard has been around for a while now, is also capable of helping you to do your how to video easily. Great for kids.

image image

Complete Idiot’s Guide To Exif Data In Photos

What is Exif Data?

Exif Data is meta data stored by camera’s while taking pictures. Exif contains precise information about the Camera model, lens, shutter, aperture, GPS location, exposure etc. details embedded in each photo taken on digital cameras. These details help those who are interested in knowing details of the photos and understand how photo was taken and the equipment details. These details are also used to know the authenticity of the photographer as well. You can put your name, contact details as a proof of one’s own work. All image viewers are capable of reading the Exif data and some even let you edit those details. Sometimes, editing date details, or adding photographers details in to the Exif data is desirable. How can one do that? Well, there are some tools to play with Exif data.

How to view Exif Data?

All image viewers let you see the Exif data. e.g. IrfanView for instance is a freeware tool and has lets of plugins to view Exif data. There are quite a few free picture viewers such as Picasa, Windows Live Photo, Paint.Net etc. can also be tried. If you want to try some online service, then check out, Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer. Just upload the image or provide the URL of the image and get the details right away. One more such online service is FindExif.

Can you edit Exif Data?

Yes, editing Exif data is possible. Tool such as EXIFUtils (not free but can run on Mac OS, Linux as well as Windows) could be used to edit Exif data. PhotoME is also another Free Exif Data editor. Ofcourse some fields cannot be edited.  Picasa, Geosetter etc. tools can also do partial Exif editing. Commercial Power Exif editor is a professional Exif editor.  Even Windows Vista, Windows 7 explorer can edit Exif data/ Just right click on the picture, open the details tab and you can easily edit the data.

How to remove Exif/Metadata altogether from Images?

Sometimes, it is necessary not to show metadata of your photos or files. In that case, we need to hide or remove Metadata embedded in the file. Windows explorer in Vista, Windows 7 do this trick quite easily. Just right click on the picture, open the details tab and you can easily delete the data by clicking on “remove properties and personal data”. Tools such as BatchPurifier (not free) can do this task easily. In Photoshop, save the image as Save for web and the Exif data gets stripped.

Easiest and free way to remove Exif data is by using IrfanView. Open the image and save as JPG and select “reset  Exif orientation tag” as shown in the image below.


Top Gmail Web Apps – Enhance Your Gmail Experience!

There are many gmail enhancers/web apps out there. Some of them are listed below that can greatly help you in reducing your time to groom or manage your gmail account.

enhance gmail

Other Inbox

This web app will organize your gmail inbox. It automatically analyzes your incoming mail, label and archive low priority emails. Other Inbox will make sure that Your important emails sent by real people are left in your Inbox.


Are you flooded with email from email marketers? You still receive emails from email marketers even though you unsubscribed from their services? then check out Unsubscribe web app for gmail. It is available for other emails such as Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail etc.


Are you running out of free space in your gmail account? Then have a look at FindBigMails web app. Gives you a comprehensive graphic details of usage details, large emails etc.



Rapportive finds relevant information about your contacts, email senders from social media and builds a rich contact profiles right inside Gmail. Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.


AwayFind escalates your urgent emails when you are away from it. When you receive an urgent message, AwayFind will notify you via SMS, voice call, iPhone push, IM, or even delegate the message to someone you specify.


See if you email gets read or not and when!

Gmail Backup to Hotmail

Labnol (a technology blog) has a decent article on how to use Hotmail as an alternative backup place for your gmail mails!


Connect TripIt to your gmail! It automatically polls your inbox, scanes for travel emails, forwards it to your tripit mail so that your travel plans are automatically scanned, and then sent to tripit. Great tool.


Compose an email in gmail and then schedule it to be sent later! cool email scheduler program for gmail.

Source [labnol]

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