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Best Open Source, Free And Reliable Icon Editors For Real

There many commercial tools to create amazing Icons for your Apps. E.g. IcoFX used to be a good Icon editor, however it is not free anymore. Well, you do not need to buy such expensive tools because open source icon editors and tools such as GIMP, Paint.Net, InkScape etc. can create amazing Icons and in few minutes. Here are some tutorials for you to get started.

Gimp tutorial on how to create amazing looking icons

free icon creator

Paint.Net with Icon plugin for editing Icons.

Create Icons from Images the Easy

Inkscape is another powerful graphics editor with great icon creation capabilities

Free icon editor

There other creative image editors and all of them can create or edit ICO/Icon files easily. Check them out here.

How To Edit Videos In Minutes Like A Pro Using YouTube?

YouTube has been around for quite some time now as a free video hub. From HD videos to funny videos, you get them all on YouTube with a click of button. Did you know that YouTube also has video editing features simplified for dummies? Anybody with little video knowledge can compile a collection of videos, edit, publish on YouTube quite easily for no cost. You don’t need to buy commercial video editing products such as Avid Studio or Pinnacle Video or Adobe movie maker editor etc unless you are a serious video editor :)

All you need to do is, become a registered member of YouTube, click on Video Editor tab. You have all the things you need; Video timeline where you can drag and drop your video clips, add transitions, add text overlay, add audio tracks etc. Brilliantly simple yet very effective. Play with with it and get amazed with the results.

YouTube Video Editing

How to do image stabilization?

YouTube has even more cool features when you upload your videos. You can add annotations, do some advanced editing such as enhancing the unstable videos. YouTube has built in Image Stabilization feature which is really good.

YouTube Video Editing

Trimming videos


You can also trim/cut unwanted portion of your videos if need be. Add effects, audio tracks as needed. It is indeed a full fledged video editing software online! Use it as you go, get your videos anytime anywhere!

YouTube Video Editing

Inside Details Of America’s 5 Largest Data Centers

Data centers are huge and power guzzlers! See what kind of pollution that these monsters can cause to your neighborhood! Greenpeace alleges, most data centers use dirty energy!


“Many companies treat their energy consumption a bit like the Coca-Cola secret formula, because they don’t want competitors knowing how much they spend on energy. Consumers want to know that when they upload a video or change their Facebook status that they are not contributing to global warming or future Fukushimas.” – Greenpeace


  1. Lakeside Technology Center – Has 50 Diesel backup generates which are fueled by multiple 30,000 gallon tanks of diesel fuel, in 1.1 Million Sq Ft area that can have up to 210000 serves, is the largest according to the below infograpic! The Lakeside Technology Centre is the second-largest power customer for Commonwealth Edison, trailing only Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. It is in Chicago, IL

  2. QTS Metro Data Center – Supported by 80 Mega Watts of Georgia sub station, also has 19 Diesel backup generators in 990,000 Sq Ft area in Atlanta, GA is the second largest. Also to note, it hosts Twitter, Global Payments Inc.!

  3. NAP of Americas – Over 750,00 Sq Ft area Data Center is in Miami, FL

  4. Microsoft Chicago Datacenter – Over 700,00 Sq Ft area Data Center that dedicatedly holds Microsoft services such as Bing, Hotmail, XBOX Live etc. It has potential to hold up to 300,000 servers!

  5. IO Phoenix – With over 538,000 Sq Ft. data center, with backup 24 Diesel generators is the 5th largest Data center in the US!


Free Virtual Whiteboard Apps On iPad – Sketch, Record and Share It With The World!

iPad with its revolutionary touch screen capabilities, has become a sensation in almost every field. Take for instance, education – Apps such as ScreenChomp and SeeMe can turn iPad in to virtual whiteboard! You can literally use iPad as a whiteboard, write, sketch, teach and record at the same time. Best of all, you can easily share it with the world as a video – e.g. help a student do homework, write a scribble and send, draw your thoughts, share a mind map! possibilities are plenty. Especially, kids can lean writing and parents can correct by recording when they write..You can even produce videos similar to the Khan Academy.



  • Touch RECORD to capture your touch interactions and audio instructions on a plain background, or an image from your iPad camera roll.
  • SKETCH out your ideas and talk the viewer through the "how" and "why" of it all.
  • Stop and SHARE your video snack to to generate a simple web link you can paste anywhere – or – post it to Facebook with one-click!


ShowMe – interactive whiteboard has been around for a while now, is also capable of helping you to do your how to video easily. Great for kids.

image image

Online Stores Selling Angry Birds Merchandise That You Would Love

To all the Angry Bird fans out there busy cracking levels, here is something you would love to collect! There are cool merchandises being sold at various online stores that can be bought for yourself if you are an Angry birds fan. If you are not, don’t worry. You can always gift one to your friend – I’m sure at least one of your friends would be an Angry Birds fan.

Here are 10 online stores that sell Angry Birds gifts and presents. These stores cover all the angry birds merchandise that you an possibly see and some of them you never knew existed.

1.Cafe Press


2. Stylin Online


3. Mega Store


4. Amazon


5. Bescov’s


6. Gear4


7. TEES for all


8. Wear Your Beer


9. Newegg


10. Things You Never Knew Existed

Things You Never Knew Existed

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