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Make Your Own StackOverFlow In A Jiffy is one of the best sites for your technical questions to be asked and answered! This has successfully taken the hat from the premium service as the best Q&A site!

Though StackOverFlow is around, many a times, we may need to have our own question n answer setup which is private to enterprise, or simply to have a similar site.

If you are looking to setup a similar site for questions and answers, you are in luck as there few competent open source & free Q&A engines that just does that job of SO!


A highly scalable Q&A engine written in PHP that uses MongoDB for hyper scalability. It has deep integration with social media such as FB, Twitter etc. Can be hosted easily on LAMP or XAMP environment.

alternatives to StackOverFlow


Shapado is Q&A for enterprise or communities similar to StackOverFlow. Capable and easy to install. Though a premium service, Shapado offers a free plan with unlimited traffic with no custom ads and no custom domain.


Stacked is an open source implementation using .Net. Source code is also available for you to modify if needed.

Best Open Source, Free And Reliable Icon Editors For Real

There many commercial tools to create amazing Icons for your Apps. E.g. IcoFX used to be a good Icon editor, however it is not free anymore. Well, you do not need to buy such expensive tools because open source icon editors and tools such as GIMP, Paint.Net, InkScape etc. can create amazing Icons and in few minutes. Here are some tutorials for you to get started.

Gimp tutorial on how to create amazing looking icons

free icon creator

Paint.Net with Icon plugin for editing Icons.

Create Icons from Images the Easy

Inkscape is another powerful graphics editor with great icon creation capabilities

Free icon editor

There other creative image editors and all of them can create or edit ICO/Icon files easily. Check them out here.

Free Panorama Software – Stitch Photos Easily

Panoramic photos can be amazingly beautiful, covering a wide area that gives nice perspective. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best professional photo editor that has free hand panoramic photo stitcher. However, there are good free tools that let you create similar, nice panoramic photos. Please do try them and check their capabilities.


Hugin lets you assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more. See more here

Free Panorama Tool

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Using Windows Live Photo Gallery, you can stitch several photos together to create a panorama. This is a great way to capture photos of landscapes and other subjects that are too large for a single photo.

See more here


PhotoSynth is an app for Windows Phone and iOS. It makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas of the places, people, and events.

Panorama App for Windows Phone

See more here


Simple but effective Panorama tool.

See more here

Image Composite Editor

Microsoft Image Composite Editor is an advanced panoramic image stitcher. Given a set of overlapping photographs of a scene shot from a single camera location, the application creates a high-resolution panorama that seamlessly combines the original images.

See more here


Stitch your photos together quickly and easily with PanoramaPlus Starter Edition.

Free Panorama Tools

See more here

POS Panorama Pro

Pos Panorama Pro allows you to create panoramic images from series of overlapping photos with just a few mouse clicks

See more here


Clevr is a seriously easy way of creating and sharing panoramic photos for free.

See more here

Free Mind Map Tools For iPad (Tablet)

Mind mapping is a great way of visually representing our ideas in a simple way. Very important while the team does brain storming and passing on ideas to new set of people. There are quite a few free mind mapping tools for PCs. Now, it is the ear of tablets and iPad has come a long way. Very intuitive and multi touch screen allows a far more intuitiveness while drawing mind map. There are few free tools to create mind maps on iPad too. These are good alternatives to commercial mind mapping tools such as iThoughtsHD, MindNode, Maptini, MagicalPad etc.

SimpleMind+ (Free)

Mind mapping tool that turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device. AppStore link

iPhone Screenshot 1 

MindMeister (Free)

MindMeister is a great tool for iPhone is the companion app for mind mapping.

AppStore link

iPhone Screenshot 1 

IdeaSketch (Free)

Idea Sketch lets you easily draw a diagram – mind map, concept map, or flow chart – and convert it to a text outline, and vice versa. You can use Idea Sketch for anything, such as brainstorming new ideas, illustrating concepts, making lists and outlines, planning presentations, creating organizational charts, and more!

iPhone Screenshot 1

MindJet (Free)

Mindjet for iPad lets you easily enter ideas, tasks, and meeting notes into intuitive visual maps that help you quickly organize concepts and prioritize action items. Instantly create new maps or import them from Mindjet Connect.

iPad Screenshot 3

How To Edit Videos In Minutes Like A Pro Using YouTube?

YouTube has been around for quite some time now as a free video hub. From HD videos to funny videos, you get them all on YouTube with a click of button. Did you know that YouTube also has video editing features simplified for dummies? Anybody with little video knowledge can compile a collection of videos, edit, publish on YouTube quite easily for no cost. You don’t need to buy commercial video editing products such as Avid Studio or Pinnacle Video or Adobe movie maker editor etc unless you are a serious video editor :)

All you need to do is, become a registered member of YouTube, click on Video Editor tab. You have all the things you need; Video timeline where you can drag and drop your video clips, add transitions, add text overlay, add audio tracks etc. Brilliantly simple yet very effective. Play with with it and get amazed with the results.

YouTube Video Editing

How to do image stabilization?

YouTube has even more cool features when you upload your videos. You can add annotations, do some advanced editing such as enhancing the unstable videos. YouTube has built in Image Stabilization feature which is really good.

YouTube Video Editing

Trimming videos


You can also trim/cut unwanted portion of your videos if need be. Add effects, audio tracks as needed. It is indeed a full fledged video editing software online! Use it as you go, get your videos anytime anywhere!

YouTube Video Editing

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