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Turn Your Regular Monitor In To Touch Screen Monitor – Can PreCursor Pull It Off?

Pranav Mistry created a sensation when he first introduced his Sixth Sense project – paradigm-shifting paper "laptop." It has some great potential. Well, he is a busy bee and doesn’t stop – he keeps working on other interesting projects. For instance, PreCursor – another interesting idea to convert your regular monitor into a touch sensitive monitor. Operate with your fingers just like you would do with your touch screen based smart phones. Probably even better as he adds a virtual layer over your existing monitor with the help of 2 web cams and a infrared device. This offers more capabilities as opposed to a multi-touch screen.


Well, it is still under progress and could be a revolutionary technique for the future. On a lighter note, will this be a commercially viable options for touch screen? considering the cost of touch screen tablets and screens are pretty affordable? We feel, unless PreCursor adds a 3D element to the screen with lesser cost, may not be viable but will remain as a interesting lab project.

Here is a video –

How Augmented Reality Is Used As Part Of Product Campaigns?

Augmented reality is the concept of spatially blending a digital layer of information onto the physical environment. It is designed to blur the boundaries between reality and technology by enabling users to interact with virtual people and objects. The Augmented Reality technology is very impressive but what we find more impressive from a marketing perspective is how AR is used in campaign by many of the brands. Here are a very few of them listed but there are more and more brands leveraging the power of AR to market their brands and products.

1. Toyota – Experience the new iQ in 3D

Toyota have used augmented reality technology to create a 3D interactive experience of the new iQ car. Toyota iQ is a radical new small car and augmented reality technology allows you to interact with the car to discover its agility and interior space which you can download here.


2. BMW Z4 Augmented Reality

BMW launched the new Z4 campaign and uses AR technology in a innovative way. It lets you virtually drive Z4 on your desktop and create your own drawings with the coloured tire marks of the car. You can download the software here.


3. GE Smart Grid Augmented Reality

The digital hologram of the Smart Grid comes to life with the GE’s Smart Grid Augmented Reality. Turn on your web am and check out here.



4. Home Depot Augmented Reality Gift Card

Home Depot introduced their Holiday Gift Card that includes an augmented reality experience.With the AR marker on a physical card it allows the consumer to interact with the gift card directly online at


5. Red Bull’s Augmented Reality Racing App

All you have to do is to scan a minimum of 12 cans into the app, which then builds your own track based on the exact shape that you have designed. Here Lindsey Vonn explains how to access her augmented reality piece online, using the new Red Bull 6-pack and your webcam


6. Zugara’s Augmented Reality E-Commerce software

Zugara has gone a head leveraging Augmented Reality and creating “The Webcam Social Shopper”. Banana Flame has integrated WSS as an advanced product-viewing tool for their shoppers. Every single piece of clothing on Banana Flame’s site will give shopper’s access to WSS via a seamlessly integrated “see how it looks” button.

With WSS the Banana Flame experience now allows shoppers to:

  • Immediately see if a piece of clothing’s color/style is right for them
  • Snap photos and share looks with friends to get instant feedback (via Facebook, email, or Twitter)
  • Match their existing wardrobes with potential new purchases
  • Have a more fun and rewarding online shopping experience

Now turn on your webcam and navigate to Banana Flame


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