Beyond Siri: Top Voice Assisted Apps for Android & iPhone

Since 1995 we have seen the voice assistance taking new levels as the technology grew along starting from text-to-speech to Natural language understanding. During 1995 what started as a virtual telephone assistant using the text to speech technology enhanced to the virtual concierge using the speech recognition technology during 2000-2010. Year 2011 is when we saw the virtual search assistant using the speech recognition technology, Google introduced voice search. The coming years, 2012 to 2015 is going to be the new era of your lifestyle buddy, a new UI that understands natural language. With Apple’s successful launch of its Siri technology in 2011, voice-activated mobile virtual assistants (VAs) have crossed the chasm into mass-market deployments. With the help if Apple’s Siri Technology success in 2011, voice activated  mobile virtual assistances have enabled users to complete their tasks like search, dialing or texting via voice commands. 

Beyond Siri, here are top 10 virtual assistance ( voice assistant) apps in terms of downloads since their launch.

1. Voice Search ( Android ) by Google


Downloads: 109 million & Revenues: 0

2. Vlingo Virtual Assistant ( Android ) and Voice App (iPhone) by Vilingo Corporation

Download 8.2 million & Revenues: 0

3. Iris (Android) by Dexera

Downloads: 4.4 million & Revenues: 0

4. Skyvi (Android) by Blue Tomado

Downloads: 1.9 million & Revenues: 0

5. Assistant (Android) & Skeaptoit Assistant (iPhone) by Speaktoit


Downloads: 1.7 million & Revenues: 57 thousand USD

6. AIVC – Free & Paid (Android) by YourApp24

Downloads: 1.4 million & Revenues: 57 thousand USD

7. Car Home ( Android ) by Google Inc


Downloads: 1.2 million & Revenues: 0

8. Dragon (iOS) Search by Nuance Communications

Downloads: 1.1 million & Revenues: 0

9. Jeannie ( Android ) and Voice Action ( iOS ) by Pannous

Downloads: 1.1 million & Revenues: 665 thousand USD

10. Everfriends ( Android ) by i-Free Innovations

Downloads: 0.7 million and Revenue: 0


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