Best Fault Tree Analysis software to analyze complex systems

While Root Cause Analysis is a set of problem solving methods that is aimed at identifying the root cause of an incident, Fault Tree Analysis is one of the popular techniques that is used in the field of safety engineering to quantitatively determine the probability of a safety hazard. FTA is a deductive, top-down method aimed at analyzing the effects of initiating faults and events on a complex system. There are many software that help you in the Fault Tree Analysis. Some of them are quite expensive but worth every penny.Here in this post we look at some popular Fault Tree Analysis software that are available.


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Open Source Software

1. OpenFTA


OpenFTA is open source product for conducting a formal Fault Tree Analysis. Its an advanced tool for fault tree analysis. It has an intuitive front-end which allows the user to construct, modify or analyse fault trees. OpenFTA has been designed to gain wide international acceptance for fault tree analysis, particularly in the aerospace, nuclear, medical equipment and defense fields

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Commercial Software

2. Relex Fault Tree


In applications where reliability and safety are paramount, it is necessary to identify all factors contributing to critical safety issues and failures in a product or system. Relex Fault Tree helps you construct a graphical representation of the critical issue and its contributing events. It provides the analysis tools required to help mitigate its occurrence or impact. The powerful analytical capabilities of Relex Fault Tree quantify system risk and reliability, helps you make targeted decisions about design, maintenance, and controls to reduce the probability of failure.

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3. ITEM ToolKit


ITEM ToolKit’s Fault Tree Software offers a diverse graphical user interface (GUI) flexible, powerful and easy ways for constructing Fault Trees. The GUI consists of menus, toolbars, and project and system windows. You can simply add different gates and events in the System Window to create a hierarchy of your system, ITEM ToolKit will construct the Fault Tree Diagram for you. You can also build your Fault Tree the traditional way by adding gates and events in the Diagram Window.

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4. FaultTree+


FaultTree+ is the world’s most popular fault tree software package incorporating fault tree analysis, event tree analysis and Markov analysis. FaultTree+ has three different modules. The Fault Tree Analysis module allows you to construct and analyze fault tree diagrams. The Event Tree Analysis allow you to analyze the possible outcomes of an event occurring. And the Markov Analysis enables  the construction of Markov models for components with large interdependencies.

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