Best 10 Online Services To Create Fake Magazine Covers

One can create personalized magazine covers online by just uploading digital photos you have on your computer. You can simply upload your photo from the desktop and choose from a variety of templates available. Once the cover page is created, you can post it on MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Hi5 and other social networks & blogs.


1. MagMyPic

MagMyPic lets you to upload your photo, choose a over from the templates and you have your own magazine cover ready! You can get a print of the magazine cover by paying a nominal fee. Also it lets you to post it on MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Hi5 and other social networks & blogs.

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

2. Magfake

MagFake also let you upload your picture, choose the magazine cover template and have the over page ready in just few minutes.

Make Fake Magazine Covers, More than 50 Fake Magazines

3. OnCoverPage

OnCoverPage lets you create your cover page and save the image on your desktop PC.


4. Pimp-Pic

In you can put your own picture on the cover of a magazine! Show off your new cover on your blog or social network.


5. Fake Magazine Cover

Here you can personalize magazine covers online (no software applications to install, just use your web browser) by uploading digital photos you have on your computer. You can put your face on the cover of many well known magazines (from celebrity gossip zines to children’s learning magazines). Simply upload a photograph from your desktop computer or straight from your digital camera (connected to your PC) or use graphics your have collected from the internet!


6. MEonMAG

Here you can put your photo on the cover of many well known magazines by uploading your photo online.

7. Paparazzied

8. mypicstyle

Just upload your image and choose from the list of magazines you want your picture to appear on.

9. MyPictureOnMagazine

Choose from popular magazines to create your fake magazine cover.

10. Frontpage – In just 3 easy steps you can create a unique and fully personalized magazine cover for yourself or someone special. You can use the magazine covers on your Facebook, MySpace profiles or on your own web site for free.

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  • Holy Cow

    Awesome. Almost too many templates on those sites to go through, thankfully has a search page.

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  • Tom Rick

    well i prefer its a lot faster.

  • tom rick

    well you should try this as well it got tons of additional features and wide range of mag covers to choose from.

  • Chris

    You are missing a key one from your list:
    MagCover provides several features that makes it stand out from the above sites. It gives you full control of your creation, provides a nice tool from creating your magazine cover using a WYSIWYG approach.
    It also allows you to purchase various products from your mag cover for creating truly unique gifts!.
    MagCover also created iPhone applications for creating magazine covers from your iPhone.

    Plus it has been awarded “Cool Site of the Day” on December 7th!

    Check this out!

    • OpenTube

      thanks for mentioning!

  • Michele

    Actually the best one of all is the one that started it all which is YourCover has been creating personalized magazine covers since 2000. The online tool allows users not only to put their photo on a magazine cover but also to revise each headline to tell the cover star’s life story. The auto-download feature is a great last minute gift!

  • Sal

    IM unable to Use FRONTPAGE
    I can Not Get to Upload Photo
    What do I have to Do?

  • sal


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    I Needed an Italian Flag But the Way One was Positioned I could Not Tell if it was in the right Order GREEN WHITE RED

  • Chris takes it a step further by customizing a full, 78-page magazine. You get to be on the front cover, featured editorial, and center spread. It’s pretty cool!

  • sal

    I like The Images But They are Mostly With Text in German So Im unable to Use & send Can Any One Ask Them to Do the Same Effects In English

  • Jean-Paul Dansereau

    Funny that the really best fake magazine covers site ( is not even mentioned… It makes you wonder about the credibility of this site.

  • Terrance Verducci

    You completed a few nice points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found nearly all folks will go along with with your blog.