An Open Source Open Letter to President Obama

A recent open letter to President Obama is creating a buzz among Open Source enthusiasts and supporters. An initiative by the Collaborative Software Initiative, appeals to the president Obama to use collaborative and transparent software solutions in the government.


Letter emphasizes the following

“Open-source software has already resulted in dramatic cost reductions in many technology areas, including:

  • application hosting & infrastructure, thanks to open-source operating systems, application servers, and other products like Linux, Apache, Tomcat, and others;
  • application development and deployment, thanks to tools like Eclipse, Ruby on Rails, subversion, and many, many others; and
  • communication and collaboration, thanks to open-source applications such as OpenOffice and WordPress.”

This open mail also states that Open Source solutions are not just for general problems but also can be for Vertical industry problems. Open Source and Collaborative software development can also aid in citizen focused surveillance, outbreak management to handle infectious disease, environmental hazards, and bioterrorism attacks and many more.

Stuart Cohen, CEO of Collaborative Software Initiative, states in his blog, that the letter does not mandate the Open Source alone is the way to go but rather collaborative aspect of software development. Already, the open letter has close to 100 prominent supporters like Red Hat, JasperSoft, OpenLogic, and Novell.

He also states that the support comes from companies, organizations and individuals who believe in the power of much more important concepts – collaboration, openness, and transparency. By developing software and igniting government projects through collaboration, new technologies will start to be adopted to build the digital infrastructure for a new century. This is beginning to permeate through public health departments and state agencies and will wind its way into a variety of state departments in the coming years.

We all hope that Open Source and collaborative software solutions are used not only in the Government but where ever it is needed.

Do support this initiative.

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