a-squared – Highly Effective Free Malware Spyware Removal Software

We’d been affected by couple of spywares in one of our Windows XP Systems and were having lots of issues in installing Anti-Virus software like Avast and F-Secure. We tried all we could and finally decided to try a-squared before resorting to format the PC to freshly install Windows XP. a-squared really surprised us, it found more than 10 spywares and Trojans within seconds and removed all of them. Mind you, this is just their free version. We’re really happy that our problems were fixed without reformatting the drives! Highly recommended if you’re suffering from malwares and spywares. It also has Virus Scanner inbuilt.

It supports Quick, Smart as well as Deep scanning just like others but more effective. Just install it from their website and be protected.


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