7 Easy To Install And Play – Free Adobe AIR Games

We had earlier featured some interesting Adobe AIR applications for Flickr fans. In this post we look at some simple, easy to install games that are similar to the simple DOS based games that we would have played in the past. They are Adobe AIR version, easy to install and quick to play. These games are are not as intricate as the games we had featured earlier.


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1. Lines 2 Puzzle Game

One of the most addictive games that you will easily get hooked on to. The game’s objective is to make as many lines a possible, by lining a minimum number of elements horizontally, vertically or diagonally (or combined). The minimum number of elements can be set in the game’s settings board and it varies between five and seven (seven is recommended for larger board sizes). The elements are colored in seven different colors, chosen as different as possible.


You can install the software from here. Its free.

2. Blob Attack Game

You have a small black and yellow ship that fires missiles and shoot the yellow blob, black torpedos, mutant ameba that fires little guided green starfish missile. You can use the arrow keys to move the ship. This game is in beta currently.


Download this from here. Its free.

3. Creeper World

Creeper World is a unique and fresh look at Defense, RTS, and Management based games. What is different from this game from the other Tower Defense games, RTS games is that it has a new kind of enemy.


It has a free demo to try and buy a full version.

4. SuDoQ

If you like playing SUDOKU, this is a must try application. You can play SudoQ games, save templates and share templates with friends.


Download the software here. Its free.

5. PacMan

This is the Adobe AIR version of the original PacMan game that you would have played on DOS.


Download it here. Its free and quick to play.

6. Classic Snake Game

This is a simple game of Snake that you would have played before. It lets you to select a speed then use your arrow keys to attempt and eat the apple(red block). But watch out for the walls! At any time you can pause the game by pressing the space bar.


Its free and download it here.

7. JavaScript Tetris

This is the classic falling blocks game written in JavaScript.


Its free. Download here and play.

Well, try these games and let us know if you like them.


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