5 programs to defragment your Hard Drive!

Last week, we had featured Registry Cleaning programs for Windows to keep Windows top. This is a follow-up for that post, here we explore file fragmentation and its impact on computer performance.

Why do you need Disk Defragmenter?

All modern day operating systems like Microsoft Windows (sometimes on Linux, Mac OS) etc are prone to file fragmentation. File fragmentation is a condition where file blocks are way too scattered and this condition considerably slows down your computer’s performance. Primary reason for this is that your Hard Disk head needs to move (seek) around too much to read the file blocks. Disk seeks are slow comparatively and slows down your overall system performance. Fragmentation of files is very common on Windows, however, not a major problem on operating systems like Linux.

So it is recommended that you keep defragmenting the files with the help of tools that bring all file blocks which are best kept sequentially together.

This is is shown in the following animation (Source Wikipedia)


List of free programs to defragment your disk (for Windows)


1. JkDefragis an open source disk defragmenting utility for Microsoft Windows platform. It is extremely fast compared to the default Windows Defragment utility and efficient.


2. Defraggler It can defrag individual file or group of files on FAT32 or NTFS (Windows) file system. Defraggler is again from the same company that gave you the amazing registry cleaner CCleaner that we featured a while ago.


3. AusLogic’s Disk Defrag – It is also a fast and reliable defragmenter for Windows file systems like NTFS, FAT16/32. It supports a lot of features and useful.


4. WinContig – It is an easy-to-use, fast and stand-alone defragmentation tool that doesn’t create any installation directories or Registry entries on your computer. It is designed for Windows operating system.

5. PageDefrag – is from SysInternals team and a fast defragmenter for Windows.



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  1. Jaybee says:

    Defragmenting is very essential to maintain HDD speed. Among all the defragmenters I have tried, I found Diskeeper to be the best and easy to use. Once installed in the automatic mode, there is no need to defragment manually or schedule tasks. It also defrags under low free space and defragments system files as well.

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