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Internet Radios are great as the stations are free and 24/7 non stop music seldom disappoints anyone. Choices of music genres are too many. Here is a list of popular internet radio stations that attract millions of music lovers.



High quality music, lots of genres and configurable. AccuRadio is the world’s leading independent, multichannel, personalizable Internet radio station, featuring over 430 channels and subchannels of really cool music. It lets you customize each channel to your tastes! And it’s free!



Though RealRadio offers hundreds of radio stations some of them are subscription basis. However, there are quite a few stations that are free. Easy to use interface makes it easier for listeners.

Nullsoft Radio


Nullsoft Radio has a massive Radio Station list. It has over 720 pages of radio stations list. You need WinAmp player for tuning into their stream. We feel that Winamp is one of the best audio player ever.

The Pirate Radio


The Pirate Radio has lots of stations and it also lets you have your own Radio Station. You can tune into their stream either via their web or via a downloadable player.



Last.fm is quite popular, it not only let you listen to music but also socialize with others. It is like a Social Networking site with Importance to music. It is nice but not free.

What are you favorites? We have not listed few of them. Are you a fan of them :)?

[via NetForBeginners]

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