30+ Coolest GPS Gadgets – GPS Trackers, GPS Homing Devices and Much more.

Portable GPS devices have come a long way. Just a few years ago, having a GPS was kinda cool. Now, these GPS gadgets have become so tiny and affordable, they can even be part of our shoes as well :) In this post, we cover some of the not so obvious GPS gadgets for your reference, GPS Trackers, GPS Homing devices, GPS Pet Tracker, GPS Photo and much more. Tell us your favorite if anything we missed.

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ACR ResQFix 406

Are you worried that you might get lost? Are you a trekker where no one usually goes in the deep jungles and mountains? Then this GPS Gadget is meant for you. ACR ResQFix is capable of transmitting your exact GPS coordinates to the others. Send SOS with your GPS coordinates! Cool isn’t it? Yes, It is a life saver! More info here


Buddi – GPS Tracker

At any time of day or night (365 days per year) you will be able to find and locate someone wearing a buddi. buddi uses assisted GPS (global positioning system) technology to calculate its location, and uses the mobile phone network to send that location to you. Assisted GPS provides very accurate outside locations as well as normally allowing your buddi to work indoors. In order for your buddi to work at its optimum, it requires good GSM (mobile phone) coverage. More info here.



A Revolutionary Waterproof GPS Cell Phone for your Pet. Combining industry leading GPS technology with the ability of 2-way communication, the PetsCELL delivers consistency and quality of locates across a spectrum of encompassing conditions that existing pet tracking devices simply will not match. With remote programmable geo-fence capability and an ambient temperature sensor accompanied by a variety of other attachable devices, the PetsCELL is quite simply the standard against which all other pet tracking devices will be measured. More info here.


QSTARZ Super 99

Bluetooth Solar GPS Travel Recorder. Supports GeoTagging functions for digital photos and generate KMZ file easily. More info here.


AnyTrack GPS-100


AnyTrack GPS-100 is a low-cost personal tracking device. This GPS tracker transmits its location to your computer, letting you track and find your family, pets, packages and vehicles. Small enough to clip on a belt, throw in a glove compartment, or even carry in your pocket. The tracking device doesn’t need a line-of-sight with an open sky, and can work indoors using a combination of GPS technology and cellular signals. Worried about having your assets lost or stolen? Attach the AnyTrack GPS-100 to your valuables and watch your worries go away. You can log in to their secure software to find out where the tracking device is located at any time. More info here.

Meade mySky

Meade mySky introduces a revolutionary way to explore our universe. The new Meade mySKY PLUS is an easy-to-use multi-media tool that will guide you through the night sky better than if you had your own private astronomer standing next to you. Meade’s patented technology ensures the mySKY PLUS outperforms every other hand held night sky exploration device on the market.


Zoombak lets you stay connected to the location of your car, and your teenager driving it, without interrupting his privacy. Or, having him answer a mobile phone while driving. Zoombak Advanced GPS Car & Family Locator makes it easy. Other trackers like Dog Tracker etc are available. more info here.



Advanced GPS tracking system. Australia’s Largest Provider of GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems, GPS Fleet Management Systems, GPS Personal Tracking Systems, GPS Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems and GPS Plant & Equipment Tracking Systems etc. More info here.

Garmin Astro 220

Astro helps  you know where is your dog is and what your dog is doing. Mainly for hunters but suitable for other pet tracking purposes as well. More info here.


Canmore GT-730F

The Canmore GT-730F USB GPS Stick Dongle is an USB GPS Dongle that is easy to use, compact and provides excellent GPS performance. Compatible with all Operating Systems. More info here.


GPS Mail Tracker

Is this real? A 700$ worth compact GPS device capable of tracking your mail with precise location details! Must be something really important stuff in the mail :) More here.


Retrieva GPS Dog Collar

A protection for your Dog, never lets your dog get lost. Track the Dog location via the tracker on your PC/Laptop etc. More info here.


GPS Teddy Bear

This is not an ordinary Teddy! It can track you location! It can talk and provide you navigation help! More info here.


Robotic GPS Medical Spyplane

These robotic planes are unmanned and are tiny. They are medical delivery planes and can carry up to 500gms of medical supplies with the help of onboard GPS. For more, visit here.



Seek is a portable search engine or you can say it’s a guiding device by Jukka Roitto. This portable search engine is a helpful guide for people stuck in an unknown city. The device is meant to help novice and experienced looking for local theaters, restaurants, clubs etc. More info here.


Kervue (GPS Tracker)

This device from Keruve, which is apparently intended specifically for Alzheimer’s patients.


More info here.

GiSTEQ Photo Tracker

Photo Geotagging is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to photographs. These data usually consist of latitude and longitude coordinates, as well as altitude, and place names. Photo Geocoding refers to the process of adding non-coordinate based geographical identifiers, such as a street address, to the photographs. GiSTEQ devices do it so nicely. A sample vacation album is here.


Inbi-Out, a GPS Coin.

No :) This  one isn’t really existing gadget! But a Soon to be a Gadget? It is supposed to make decision and record everything that you see! Lets hope it comes out someday! More pics here.


GPS Homing device

GPS PDAs, Phones may be little complex for elderly people or not so tech savvy people. For everyone else, there is GPS Homing device. Just record the current location and then go shopping. Later, Homing device will just show the arrow mark on where to go next to come back to your original location :) cool isn’t it?


Jobo Photo GPS

Geo Imaging solutions. For more, visit here.

Snooper Pet Tracker

Snooper’s Pet Tracker will let you locate the exact position of your pet any time, day or night with no monthly subscriptions! More here.


Trac-King GPS

Yet another GPS tracking device! More here.



GolfLogix introduced Handheld Golf GPS to the golf market in 1999. Now, iPhone, Blackberry, Android Apps are very popular. More here.


Sat Nav Shoes

A crazy idea. Shoes with GPS! They make a beep noise when you are headed in the wrong direction :) Check it out here.


ECCO GPS Keychain

Can’t remember where you parked your car? Having trouble finding your hotel? Searching for your tent in a downpour? It’s not your day, is it? But don’t despair because the ECCO GPS Keychain is here to show you the way. More info here.


Chinavasion – Travel Honey

GPS Receiver + Location Finder + Data Logger + Photo Tagger gives you four powerful GPS functions in one small device! If you have ever had trouble finding your car after a big football game, you will love this gadget! Using the GPS location finder to find your way back is easy. Before you leave your car, just press the button for two seconds to save the location’s coordinates. You can now enjoy the game without worrying about remembering where you parked your car. When you need to find your car again, just follow the red LED pointing toward the saved position. When you come within 50 meters of the saved location, the arrow will begin flashing, and when you are within 15 meters the arrow will turn blue. This smart function is great for anyone who needs help finding his way back to his car, hotel, or wife. More here.


GPS QFinder

For those who love going camping will find devices like the Qfinder GF-Q900 from QSTARZ to be very helpful, as it allows you to backtrack your way to base camp should you feel adventurous enough to head out on your own. More info here. Just like a homing device!


Amber Alert GPS

Child tracking system with which parents can set up safe area. The moment kids go beyond the safe zone, parent will be alerted. The world’s smallest, most powerful GPS tracking device.  Tracking your child is as easy as placing a call or sending a text.  Simply place this device in a pocket, purse, backpack or car, or attach to a wrist, ankle, or belt.  Call or text the AAGPS device, and within seconds you’ll receive a detailed map and address of their exact location right on your web-enabled phone.  You can also track one or more devices from your computer. More is here.


Eye Fi Geo


Eye-Fi Offers Users an Effortless Geotagging and Photo Sharing Experience When Using iPhoto, an iPhone or MobileMe. WiFi-enabled Secure Digital card, and this one promises to disclose your every move to anyone who’ll bother to follow your image feed. More is here.

Insignia little buddy


Yet another Child Tracking device. A Best Buy product, Check out more here.




FedEx unveils Senseaware, a drop-in sensor for packages that monitors everything from nasty falls to boxes being opened. More is here.

TamTam Flash


A Mini projector with GPS. As you can see on the picture, it marks your next turn! so cool!

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  7. […] 30+ Coolest GPS Gadgets GPS Trackers, GPS Homing Devices and .Apr 14, 2010 Just a few years ago, having a GPS was kinda cool. Now, these GPS gadgets have become so tiny and […]

  8. […] 30+ Coolest GPS Gadgets GPS Trackers, GPS Homing Devices .Apr 14, 2010 Just a few years ago, having a GPS was kinda cool. Now, these GPS gadgets have become so tiny […]

  9. […] 30+ Coolest GPS Gadgets GPS Trackers, GPS Homing Devices .Apr 14, 2010 Just a few years ago, having a GPS was kinda cool. Now, these GPS gadgets have become so tiny […]

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